10 Small Backyard Ideas for Artificial Grass

Like everyone else, we’ve been spending a LOT more time at home lately. That’s inspired us to do some thinking about non-traditional ways to use artificial grass! Many people think that unless they have a big backyard that they can totally cover, then artificial grass may not be for them. So we wanted to put together our list of small backyard ideas for artificial grass! These are some cool and unique ways to maximize space and get the most out of artificial grass!

Mini-Putting Green

While we’d love a full-size putting green in our yard, you can definitely work on your short game even with limited square footage. This awesome install of Zoysia and Emerald Putting Green from @turfrocks in partnership with the PG Dallas store is a great idea for some unused space!

Water Table

Next one up on small backyard ideas (technically a patio, but still counts) comes from @thecameramamma and shows how artificial grass drainage features make for an ideal surface for any kid’s splashy play! This is Playground Pro grass from our PG San Diego store!


Only have space for some pavers? Well any artificial grass can help magnify your pavers/walkway like in this install from @lawrence.builders. We’d certainly recommend Vista 70 for a similar installation.

Chess/Checkers Board

You certainly don’t need a ton of space to make an artificial grass chess and checkers board! Posted by Purchase Green Murrieta, one of their clients used left over pieces of grass to put together this awesome board. You could even snag a remnant to put together a similar project. Arizona Platinum would be a great choice!

Dog House

Your furry friends enjoy artificial grass too, even in a small backyard or patio! Use a grass like Spring Fescue Pet Pro to create a little “lawn” or interior for your dog house!

TV Wall

Artificial Grass doesn’t even need to be horizontal! Set up a tv or other decorative wall and use a grass like Eco Olive 50. This is definitely one of our favorite small backyard ideas! Almost no square footage required!

Seating Area

Just room for a couch or loveseat? Then you have more than enough room for some artificial grass like in this install from @our_littlegreyhome! California Native would be a nice soft grass for this application.

Bocce Court

Bocce is such a great sport for the whole family, and you certainly don’t need a full-size court. Any of our putting green grasses, especially PG Tour, would be a stellar choice for a project similar to this one from PG San Dimas.

Garden Interior

Starting a backyard garden? Get inspired by this cool project from @southersouthwales. Using artificial grass as an interior to a garden wrapping around your space is certainly one of the top small backyard ideas.

Mini-Soccer Field

Last but not least, check out this sweet video about a mini-backyard soccer field! What lucky soccer fans! Would highly recommend one of our sport grasses such as Vista Sport if you’re looking to do a similar project!

And that’s our list of small backyard ideas using artificial grass. Want more? Check out our DIY resources for more info!

Take a peek at the installation process with this DIY Easy Install Guide to get an idea of what you can expect.

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