13 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Artificial Grass Mat

The artificialgrass industry is growing while the natural turf industry is decreasing in size. This is due to the increase in synthetic turf’s popularity. In fact, IBISWorld research has shown that, between 2012 and 2017, the natural turf industry has declined by 1.7% per annum.


However, before you rush out and buy artificial grass mats to replace your natural lawn, here are 13 things that you need to take cognisance before you purchase synthetic lawn sheets:
1. Artificial grass needs to be correctly installed
In order to ensure the longevity of your synthetic lawn, it is vital to be aware of the mistakes in laying fake grass. In summary, it is essential that the site where the grass mats are to be installed be correctly prepared before the lawn strips are laid down. Otherwise, the lawn’s lifespan will be shortened, and it will not look good.
2. Purchase a quality product
It is equally important to purchase the best quality artificial grass in Sydney. Artificial grass is not cheap; thus, if you buy an inferior quality product your lawn will not last long.
3. Cost-effective
Even though purchasing a quality product is not cheap, artificial grass still works out cheaper than the cost of maintaining a well-kept natural grass lawn.
4. Maintenance
Even though artificial turf requires far less maintenance than natural grass, it is not maintenance-free. Leaves and debris need to be raked off the lawn, and the grass blades need to be brushed so that they stand up straight. Regular foot traffic across the lawn will flatten the grass blades.
5. Adequate drainage
When installing your new artificial turf, it is vital to make sure that water can drain off the lawn properly. Otherwise, water will accumulate on top of the grass sheets. Thereby, causing mould and bacteria to grow on the grass strands and reducing the lawn’s lifespan.
6. Base layer
Installing the right base layer with the grass mats is important. This material is either manufactured from silica sand or crumbled rubber, and it allows the grass to retain its unique bouncy feel, and the grass blades remain upright.
7. UV protection
Check that the artificial grass mats have a protective ultraviolet coating before you purchase them. Unless the synthetic turf is laid in a shady spot, the grass needs to be protected from the harsh sun’s rays, causing it to weather and fade.
9.  Raw materials
Synthetic turf is most commonly manufactured from polyethylene which is a durable, soft plastic-based material. Therefore, it’s important not to wash your artificial grass with chemicals that will destroy the blades.
10. Artificial turf colours
Synthetic grass comes in many different colours from natural green to bright pinks, purples, and browns. Thus, allowing you to choose the colour that suits your requirements and environment.
11. Manufacturer’s warranty
Make sure that the artificial turf you purchase includes a manufacturer’s warranty. Secondly, ensure that you understand and adhere to the conditions attached to this warranty, or else it will not be replaced free of charge should it be defective in any way.
12. Safe for kids and pets
Artificial grass is soft and safe for both kids and pets to run and play on. Thereby, preventing stained pants and knee grazes and burns.
13. Easy to clean
Synthetic lawn is easy to clean. Water drains through the grass mats into the underlying drainage system. Therefore, it can be washed down with a hose pipe and brush.

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