3 Discreet Ways to Stop the Sun’s Reflection from Burning the Grass

Summer is here again. This is the time of flaunting your body and heading to beach resorts. However, this is also the season of grass fires. Many households experience this problem not because of sun exposure but because of the sun’s reflection.

How Is the Sun Reflection Burning Grass?

When the sun shines on an energy-efficient window, it creates an intense heat that can burn anything along its path. This extreme heat is directed to the grass, which causes burning on the field. If you don’t act fast, it can also burn your house.

How to Stop Window Reflection

There are three discreet ways to prevent your grass from burning. The good thing about these strategies is that they not only avoid grass fires, but they may also stop the sun reflection from burning the grass.

Listed below are some ways to prevent the window reflection from burning grass.

    1. Yard Cleaning


One way to avoid grass fire is to clean up your yard. Remove all dead leaves and other debris that can easily start a fire. You can ask your kids to pick-up the trash and turn this activity into a game. That way, you can clean your garden faster.

Even if it can’t stop the sun reflecting off your windows, it can definitely reduce the risk of grass fire.

    1. Trim the Plants


We often say that bushes can stop the sun reflection from burning your grass, but it may also cause a grass fire. This happens when the shrubs are too long. Thus, you should take the time to cut the leaves.

Aside from that, trimming your lawn from time-to-time can provide you with better opportunities to get fire insurance. If the company finds out that you’re taking precautionary measures, you have a better chance of getting fire protection at a lower rate.

    1. Use Window Film for Turf


This is the most discreet way to stop window glare from burning your grass. This solution absorbs heat, but it doesn’t warm up the room. Rather, it disperses the hot air throughout the garden. That way, all areas of the field will get the same amount of temperature.

Other benefits include energy-efficiency and preventing thermal distortion on vinyl siding. However, you can only get these perks if you buy the Turf Guard Window Film. Go to our website and let our window screen products stop the sun reflection from burning your grass.

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