4 Preparations You Should Make

The melting point of artificial grass plays a vital role in the life expectancy of your turf. Once the fake lawn reaches its melting point, the grass blades start to shrink, and discolorations begin to appear. This happens when the window reflection starts burning the grass.

When the sun shines in the right direction, its beams hit the glass window. Due to this, the glazing reflects the heat away from your home. The coating magnifies the light and concentrates it on the turf. As a result, it reaches the melting point of artificial grass.

Fortunately, you can prevent the sun reflection from burning the grass and reaching its melting temperature. Here are four things you need to prepare to avoid this kind of turf damage.

    1. Plant Trees and Shrubs in Your Yard


One way to prevent reaching the melting point of artificial grass is by growing shady trees and bushes in your yard. Not only do they keep your garden beautiful, but they also protect your synthetic turf from melting out.

Shady trees prohibit the sun from reaching the glass window; therefore, reducing glare. Meanwhile, the shrubs are natural heat absorbers. Hence, they decrease the temperature outside your home.

You just need to grow these trees strategically to get the most out of these plants.

    1. Change the Infill of Your Artificial Grass


Infills provide strength and support to the grass blades, meanwhile, they are also shock-absorbent. However, it absorbs heat if the infill uses a darker color. To avoid reaching the melting temperature of the synthetic turf, you need to change the infill. Studies show that darker colors soak up more heat than the lighter ones.

    1. Use Awnings


These are supplementary roofs or replacement windows that cool down the air. They prevent the glass reflection from burning the grass as they block the powerful rays of the sun from hitting the glass window. As a result, it helps prevent turf damage and reduce energy consumption.

    1. Apply a Perforated Window Screen


This is the best way to stop turf damage. The film has holes that dissipate heat equally throughout the artificial grass. Furthermore, it helps to conserve electricity as it keeps the house bright when the sun is out.

Prevention is always better than cure. If you prepare these things and use products like the Turf Guard Window Film, you can prevent reaching the melting point of artificial grass and enjoy the benefits of this lawn in your yard.

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