4 Things That Happen When the Sun’s Reflection Burns the Grass

During the summer season, the temperature heats up. Because of this, many people would like to go to beaches to relax and to feel refreshed. However, we’re not the only ones who feel this extreme heat as the sun’s reflection is also burning the grass.

This phenomenon happens when the sun rises and reaches a Low-E window. This particular window intensifies the sunlight, which creates a window reflection. Then, the coating used by this window directs the reflected sunlight to your lawn, which triggers the melting point of artificial grass. As a result, the glare from a window burns your grass.

What Happens When the Sun Reflecting off Windows Starts Burning Your Lawn?

Four things may happen to your garden when the sun reflection starts burning the grass. These are:

It heats up the surface.

Since it has reached the artificial grass melting point, its surface starts heating up. This temperature can hurt your children due to intense heat.

It melts the parts of the synthetic lawn.

Infills do not only absorb heat. They are also susceptible to melting. When the glare from a window starts burning your grass, the infill also begins to melt. If this happens, these dissolved parts may enter your system as soon as you step into the damaged area. It can cause cancer if you expose yourself to these chemicals.

Discoloration appears on your lawn.

This is an early warning sign of melted or burnt grass. As mentioned previously, when the sun reflection starts burning the grass, some parts begin to melt. As a result, discoloration will appear. These ugly patterns may affect the look of your house if you don’t act quickly to avoid it. Therefore, you need to apply solutions before it gets severe.

It shrinks.

Because the sun’s reflection burns your grass, it begins to diminish. If this continues, you’ll see patchy areas on your lawn, which is the last thing you want to get.

How to Stop Window Reflection from Burning Your Lawn

There are many ways to prevent this damage. Start by watering the field. Water can cool down the turf. Hence, it reduces the effects of the reflected sunlight. However, it can increase water usage.

To prevent this from happening, you need to use a perforated window screen. This solution reduces reflection and heat, which eliminates the mentioned problems.

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