5 Easy Tips to Keep Your Artificial Lawn in Top Shape

High quality artificial grass requires little to no maintenance, however there’s still an upkeep required to keep it in top shape. Once the artificial grass installation in Sydney is done, the maintenance process is usually simple and requires very less time to do so. This way, your artificial grass would have good longevity and turns out to be a better investment for you. Here are some useful tips explained:

Keep it Free from Debris:

Artificial grass is designed in such a way that the trapped water would flow out, thus reducing the risk of plant and weed growth. However, the possibility of the growth of certain plants and weeds cannot be entirely ruled out. The ideal thing to do is to take the top of the weeds off if they show up. Also remove debris such as leaves and dead plants to prevent blocking of water drainage.

Brushing for Easy Clean:

According to the professionals of artificial grass installation in Sydney, one of the easiest ways to quickly clean your artificial grass is to brush it off with a stiff broom. Brush it in all directions for effective cleaning. Remember to use a brush that is gentle, yet effective on the artificial grass. While this might seem like a simple job, the result will be very effective on the artificial lawn.

Seasonal Maintenance:

While regular brushing is usually recommended to be done on a monthly basis, special maintenance shall be implemented for certain seasons. For instance, during summer vacation, your friends and family are likely to spend more time out in the garden, hence special attention needs to be provided in high traffic areas. During winter, allow the snow to melt by itself. Artificial grass installers in Sydney explain that the grass usually remains secured from any damage caused due to frost.

Stain Removal:

Removing stains from artificial grass is pretty quick and easy. Using just a regular hot soapy water would be sufficient enough to do the job. Tougher stains shall be removed using a cloth and stronger liquids. Whichever cleaning product you use to remove stains, make sure they are safe to be applied on the artificial grass to prevent damage.

Other Useful Tips:

  • Avoid contact of any sharp objects on the lawn such as stilettos, football studded boots, broken glass, and more.
  • Remove adhesives and chewing gum as soon as possible from the artificial grass.
  • Never use any sources of heat on or near the artificial grass to prevent fire.
  • Do not use strong detergents or chemicals on the artificial grass. As mentioned earlier, cleaning them is easy and effective by just using hot soapy water.

These are some of the best ways to take care of your artificial lawn. These maintenance tips are not time consuming and will contribute a lot towards keeping them in top shape for long. Get in touch with the best suppliers to obtain other details such as artificial grass installation cost in Sydney and more.

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