7 Big Reasons to Install Turf for Playgrounds

Finding the right surface for a playground can be hard work.

Traditional options such as natural grass, rubber and mulch all have some benefits and a number of major drawbacks as well.

However, by choosing artificial grass for a playground you can make sure that there is a fantastic surface for the youngsters to play on. There are plenty of benefits to using artificial grass that have seen many people already choose it.

Bearing this in mind, the following are some of the top reasons for choosing this type of surface for a playground.

A Softer Landing

The main concern for most people who are fitting out a playground is the safety of the children who use it. You will definitely want to create a safe space where they can play for hours without the risk of skinned elbows, sore knees or even worse, playground injuries.

The good news is that artificial turf is excellent at giving a soft and safe landing. No matter how much rough and tumble the kids enjoy there, they will stay safe when they have this soft surface under them.

The best move in this respect is to look for a soft and spongy grass with a comfortable feel to it. This will give the kids the ideal place to let their hair down and have a great time without causing you any concerns about possible injuries.

Less Chance of Getting Muddy

The kids might have a terrific time in any sort of playground and even learn as they play, but in what state do they arrive home afterwards? No parent wants to see their little ones return home caked from head to toe in mud.

This is one of the big issues with many types of surface, as heavy rain can quickly turn these areas into a muddy mess. Things get even worse when many little pairs of feet go back and forward over it for hours.

On the other hand, by choosing artificial grass with great drainage you can help the kids to stay cleaner at all times. They can even head out to play right after a heavy rainstorm without any problems, as the water will drain away quickly.

No More Grass Stains

Playing on natural grass has another side effect that parents hate to see. This is the fact that the kids can end up going home covered in nasty grass stains. These are difficult to remove from clothes and can mean that a fun day ends in complaining parents and upset children.

However, by using artificial turf in a playground you can avoid this problem very easily. No matter how much the little ones play and fall to the ground, they won’t go home later with horrible grass stains that ruin their clothes.

It is also simple to keep this kind of grass spotlessly clean and hygienic. By just hosing it down you can get rid of any dirt or dust that has ended up there very quickly and with little effort.

Play for Longer

Perhaps the advantage that the children will most appreciate is the fact that they can play for longer in a playground with an artificial turf surface. No matter what the weather is, they can carry on playing there for as long as they like without any worries.

Even after a long day of being used by many different children, the surface will still look at good as new. In this way, it will be ready for use again the next day as well without any problems at all.

Other types of surface can get into bad shape very quickly, meaning that some maintenance is needed before the playground can be used safely again. On the other hand, artificial grass is perfect for long days of playing endlessly.

Reduce Allergy Risk

An interesting point to note is that some other surfaces can cause problems for children who have allergies. Grass is the biggest culprit here and some parents have to keep their kids away from playgrounds with natural grass in them.

Thankfully, you can choose artificial grass that keeps the little ones safe from allergic reactions. This will allow every kid who wants to play there to do so without causing their parents any worries.

This might not be such a big deal for some parents, but for those who have kids with allergies it could be the most important point of all.

A Durable Surface

It is also vital to choose a durable surface that stands the test of time, too. In the case of grass this can end up patchy very quickly, while mulch can disappear in little time.

In this case, the benefit of artificial grass is that it is extremely durable. The kids can play here for hour after hour and day after day without causing any damage to it.

This means that it will stay looking good for longer and, more importantly, carrying out its main job of keeping the children safe. This means that once it is fitted you can look forward to seeing it provide a great play environment for many years to come.

Great Value

Finally, the option of artificial turf is more economical than you might think. Given the durability and the lack of maintenance required, it works out as great value for money in the long run to use this material.

It is worth bearing in mind that it is also possible to get hold of quality recycled artificial turf that costs even less. This smart choice makes it even easier to find good quality artificial grass that is perfect for any playground.

Of course, this also gives terrific peace of mind, as you will be providing a safe environment that doesn’t need regular maintenance and is easy to clean.

No matter what type of playground you need to build or refurbish, it is a great idea to choose artificial turf for the kind of surface that won’t let you down. More importantly, the kids will love playing on it and will stay safe while they are there.

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