7 Steps to Get Ready for a Safe BBQ Season on Your Artificial Grass


food on the BBQ on the artificial grass

One of the many benefits of living in the bay Area is our lengthy BBQ season. In fact, we all know someone who grills outdoors year round. Maybe that’s you! Even so, warm weather brings out the grillmaster in all of us. Are you ready?

We want you to have a BBQ season that’s safe as well as fun, so here are some steps you can take to get ready in every way:

1. Safety first

The most important thing to remember is: never put your grill directly on your artificial grass. Any location close enough to allow an escaped charcoal or super-heated piece of food to land on the grass is too close. BBQ safety calls for other measures as well. Not only to protect your fake grass lawn but to protect your home and family. For example, make sure your grill sits on a level, fireproof surface. And locate it far enough from kids and dogs to prevent accidents.

2. The right grass makes the party

But let’s back up a minute. You do have artificial grass, don’t you? Because if you’re still mucking around with natural grass, that’s going to carve into your summer fun in a big way. Instead of grilling, hanging with family and friends, and all the other things we could name that define summer good times, you’ll be tending to your lawn. Hoping you can get it into decent enough shape to invite guests into your backyard.

You deserve better. Artificial grass says goodbye to tedious chores and hello to outdoor living the way it should be.

3. Start planning your summer dinner parties

BBQ fare fits every occasion, from family dinner al fresco to the most sophisticated celebration. These outdoor summer dining ideas are perfect accompaniments for your artificial grass.

4. Redefine “a cold one”

Yes, the usual beverages will keep you cool, and we’re not saying you shouldn’t serve them. But why not expand your repertoire this year with a variety of pretty, refreshing summer beverages that appeal to adults and kids alike?

5. Grillin’ is good, but don’t forget the games!

From team sports to goofy games, playing on your artificial grass helps to work up an appetite or work off that second helping of potato salad. Games can enhance any type of get-together, or they can be the reason for your party. It’s time to inspect and refresh existing equipment and consider any new games or gear you might want. Read here to refresh yourself on the rules of setting up outdoor sports on artificial grass.

If only you had a backyard putting green or bocce ball court! There’s no time like right now to give that some serious consideration, for next year if not this summer. (You could install it over the winter and be play-ready for spring.)

6. Plant veggies in containers

Use them to add color and texture alongside your artificial grass or around your patio. Later on in the season, you can grill the produce.

7. Plan a slumber party

Warm days lead into comfy nights, perfect for camping on your artificial grass. The fluffy surface is a lot more inviting than the inevitable rocky accommodations in the wild. Really, it’s the ultimate in glamping, with all the comforts of home just a few steps away. Just don’t forget the fixin’s for s’mores you can make using your grill or fire pit.

Ready, set, BBQ!

Time’s a’wastin’ here. The sooner you make preparations for a safe BBQ season, the sooner you can get to the fun part. Now the only remaining question is what will you grill first?

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