As more and more people become aware of its benefits when compared to natural grass, commercial artificial grass has experienced a continued increase in popularity. Being, at once, more durable and easier to maintain than natural turf, it can hardly be considered surprising that this material has met with the approval of home-owners and sports facilities directors the world over.

Yet what many of these customers may not be aware of is that commercial artificial grass comes in a multitude of configurations, suited for vastly different purposes. The turf used at a sports pitch and a children’s play area may seem to be the exact same, but in truth, it is likely that two entirely different variants have been used, each specifically tailored to the purpose at hand.

As such, it is important that consumers be informed, so that they may choose the right roll of turf for their intended purpose and thus avoid erroneous or unnecessary expenditure. It is with this in mind that the article below attempts to offer a brief guide on how to select and buy commercial artificial grass.


Prior to purchasing a roll of turf, it is important customers carry out some research, in order to ascertain if the commercial artificial grass he or she is buying is suitable for his or her purposes, and if it is of sufficient quality to justify the asking price. Good ways to do this include asking for free samples from suppliers, enquiring about warranties and delivery costs when contacting the supplier, and carrying out a price comparison based on cost per square metre. Not until all of these factors are properly assessed should any decision regarding what turf to buy be made.


Once a supplier has been settled upon, there are still some considerations to be made, namely where quality is concerned. Obviously, customers will want to ensure the commercial artificial grass they are preparing to purchase is of the highest possible quality and, as above, there are a number of ways through which to ascertain this.

Specifically, potentially buyers should be on the lookout for a number of characteristics, including similarity to real grass (the more realistic, the better), texture, blade density (which should be high) and the existence of a drainage system, to prevent liquids from accumulating on the surface of the turf. A good roll should present all of these to at least an acceptable degree.

Potential buyers should be aware, however, that there are several different categories of turf, from which different standards of quality should be expected. Superior lawns are obviously preferable, as they are easier to maintain and more child friendly; however, customers looking for a lawn that is easier to maintain might want to opt for economy turf, as this is one of the main features of this type of artificial grass.


Once the perfect roll of commercial artificial grass has been bought, selected and purchased, all that is left is to install it. Here, too, customers should observe a few precautions to ensure this part of the process goes smoothly and without any problems.

Specifically, it is recommendable that customers ask the company they have purchased their commercial artificial grass from for a portfolio of recent installations, so that they may see examples of the installers’ work first-hand. It is also a good idea to seek out references from previous employers or, if applicable, to visit the company’s showroom.

Once customers are satisfied that their commercial artificial grass will be installed to a satisfactory standard, they should seek to ascertain what type of infill the supplier uses (good suppliers will generally use sand or rubber) as well as find out about any additional costs for groundwork or preparation.

Only after all these factors have been assessed, and found satisfactory, should customers proceed with the installation of their new commercial artificial grass carpet; in this way, they will be able to avoid disappointment and enjoy peace of mind about having made the right choice of artificial lawn.


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