Adding Artificial Grass to Urban, Suburban, and Rural Yards

Throughout the spring and summer, outdoor living spaces became increasingly important.

Warm weather means barbeques, pool parties, and relaxing on a beautiful patio, watching the sunset or enjoying a drink. It makes sense, then, why so many people invest so heavily in their outdoor living spaces: they are, in fact, the spaces where we live –  or want to live – during the warm weather months.

Some people live in cities and must battle the challenges of city living to create their ideal outdoor living areas. Some live in suburban areas, and meticulously plan their gardens for optimal enjoyment. Still other live in the countryside, where they have had their fill of nature – and the attendant maintenance that goes along with it. But no matter where you live or what your circumstances are, you can create the summer landscape of your dreams by investing in artificial turf.

Artificial turf is one of the most versatile landscaping solutions for urban, suburban, and rural yards.

Here are a few ways to incorporate it into your yard!

Urban Spaces

If you are an urban dweller, then you know that outdoor space comes with a premium. Highly coveted and in short supply, balconies, gardens, and outdoor entertaining areas are the envy of your neighbors and friends. But in cities of cement and brick, mortar and steel, how can you make a place feel homey and warm?

Adding artificial turf to your urban outdoor space is a great way to recreate the feeling of nature in a prohibitive environment. You won’t have to worry about inhospitable climes or environments with artificial turf – no matter if you live stories above the nearest fertile soil, your outdoor space will always look green and alive, the perfect welcoming, comfortable area to entertain!
If you have a shared common outdoor space in your urban oasis, consider requesting that artificial turf is used to enhance the space. It will allow room for outdoor games like Bocce or cornhole, will make the space more aesthetically pleasing and will increase the comfort and enjoyment of all those using the space. It may even make your apartment, condo, or build more pet-friendly, as artificial turf can be used as an eco-friendly, easily cleaned area for pets to exercise and relieve themselves.

Suburban Yards

There are so many ways to use artificial turf in suburban landscaping and yard creation. You can, of course, use artificial grass to replace your real grass. This will cut down on the amount of maintenance you have to perform while still keeping your yard beautiful, bright, and green.

You can also use artificial turf as a mulch of sorts in your flower beds. This will help your colorful flowers pop against the consistent, immutable background of the turf. Artificial turf is also a great complement to many different yard decorations, including fire pits (the turf will create a safe, comfortable, fire-retardant area to surround your fire pit, providing comfort and beauty).  Furthermore, artificial turf creates an ideal surround for your pool area.  It can prevent slippage by absorbing the water from recent swimmers, and won’t overheat and burn the feet of your guests. It is also slip-resistant, creating a safe and – again – beautiful surround to the focal point of your yard.

If your yard houses a play structure or swing set, artificial turf is the best ground covering to keep the children in your life both happy and safe. It is absorbent, so it will reduce the impact in the event that the kids fall. Unlike wood chips or mulch, it can’t be dispersed and lost over time, saving you money, time, and effort over the life of your play structure. Children may also enjoy artificial grass used to create athletic spaces, like baseball diamonds, batting cages, or recreational areas in your suburban yard – depending on the space you have for the construction of such items.

On a practical level – and this applies not only to suburban spaces – artificial turf can be used to hide or decorate storage and functional spaces in your yard. If you have a crate or storage area for your lawn tools, you can cover it with artificial turf to hide its unsightliness and make it blend with the yard. So, too, can you use artificial turf to cover your fencing and create a faux hedge to beautify your yard in a maintenance-free fashion.

Rural Yards

If you live in a rural environment, then you know all too well how Mother Nature can be demanding and unrelenting. Especially if you work in a farming environment, you are well acquainted with tending to a trying to control, contain, or coerce nature, bending her to your will for your purposes, be they aesthetically in your yard, functionally in a ranch or husbandry environment, or financially on a farm. You likely have little energy left for wrangling your home’s yard on the evening and weekends.

Artificial turf can help you with your nature fatigue. You can replace your tired, high-maintenance grass lawn with artificial grass to recreate the verdant beauty of your lawn without having to worry about mowing or maintaining it. And the best part is, it will always be green, no matter how hot or dry the climate is. If you are a rural resident responsible for a farm, then you know how devastating a dry season can be. Never again will you have to worry about that for your own lawn, once you upgrade to artificial turf. Artificial turf will complement all your gardening and farming landscapes, so it will always be a source of unrelenting beauty and undemanding pleasure for you and your family.

Artificial turf is the perfect accompaniment, complement, or replacement for your lawn and landscaping needs, no matter where you live. Whether you are a cement-bound urbanite, a family-activity-playing suburban parent, or a farmer supporting the nutritional needs of America, artificial turf will ease your worries, make your home beautiful, and accommodate everything you ever dreamed your yard could be.


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