Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Grass

We understand that artificial grass can sometimes feel like a risky decision. After all, it is normal to worry about the appearance of one’s property. Here at Great Grass, we’ve separated your woes into advantages and disadvantages to help you make that all important decision…


  • Between balancing work and other commitments, it is no secret that our time becomes too precious to waste. With artificial grass, the lifestyle is pure bliss. Mowing the garden lawn, depending on its size, can take a good 3 hours out of your busy schedule. This is without the added addition of weeding and fertilizers. None of this is included in the maintenance of artificial grass which means you gain some precious time back!
  • Artificial grass cannot be dug up by your four legged friends which means that there is no additional cleaning up, no muddy paws to clean and you keep a permanently aesthetic garden to look at.
  • It is pool friendly which means that the grass will not fade due to the water of inflatable pools in summer. It is also slip proof when the kids wander around.


  • Some people may find that the material used to make artificial grass isn’t convincing enough- however this is just a common misconception, as modern technology ensures that our grass feels and looks just like the real thing!
  • Although the maintenance significantly reduces with artificial grass, it does not disappear completely. Any dust and debris must be regularly swept off the surface and anything that could be a health hazard, such as blood or pet excrement must be removed however with the help of a hose, these lift very easily.

We enjoy helping our customer make an informed and personal decision when it comes to deciding if artificial grass is for them. That’s why we’re the best artificial grass installers around. Get in contact today for more information!

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