An Artificial Putting Green Can Add A Lot to Any Backyard

One way to enhance your back yard is to add an artificial putting green. An artificial putting green brings a way to relax and entertain guests casually without a lot of pressure. It is a simple process to install as well.

Planning for a Putting Green

There are some aspects of installing a putting green that require planning and preparation. You really shouldn’t start any project without a solid plan and someone to complete it. With a putting green, some things you should include in your planning process are:

  • The location of your putting green. This is the most important decision you will make. Some like it close to a back patio to enhance their overall entertainment space. Others rather have a quiet spot away from family cookouts and other activities, so they can truly concentrate on their game.
  • The slope or other challenges of your yard. Some yards look level, but actually have a slight slope. There may be holes, rocks or other aspects of your designated area that will need to be corrected before you begin your project.
  • The amount of maintenance you are willing to invest in it. This is another huge decision because you are making a commitment for years to come.

Artificial vs. Natural Grass

There are some purists who insist natural grass is the only way to go when it comes to putting greens. That thought is mostly due to the idea of large national courses having beautifully sculpted greens. Remember, those national courses also have a lot of money and staff invested to keep their courses lovely.

The truth is artificial grass works well for an artificial putting green in your back yard. It has several advantages over the real thing including:

  • Artificial turf is low maintenance. You will not spend hours mowing, trimming, weeding it. This also means a consistent putt because grass will always remain the same length.
  • Artificial grass always looks good for years. Good artificial grass products generally come with a 10-year warranty against discoloration and wearing out. It will constantly look green and plush and will not result in bare spots.
  • Installing artificial turf will result in a leveled area. Part of the installation process is to level the area, so your golf balls will stay on track, allowing you to really judge your improvement.
  • You will be able to play right after a rain. Drainage systems installed with your artificial turn allow water to quickly flow and leave no muddy spots, so you can go out to practice right after a hard rain.

An artificial putting green in your back yard will save you money and time in the long run because you will no longer need to schedule a putting time at the club, drive to the course and pay a fee. You can take a quick break from work or just practice. Installing an artificial putting green could add to your quality of life be simply giving you your weekends back and creating a convenient way to relax. That alone is valuable.

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