Artificial Grass and Children’s Health

Pupil’s health should be an important part of a schools educational vision. Government guidelines say that children should be getting 60 minutes of physical activity a day and artificial grass is the perfect solution to help achieve this.

Artificial grass can encourage exercise on the playground or play area with fun and vibrant patterns. It is also the perfect surface for Daily Mile Running Tracks. Natural grass creates muddy areas and tarmac can cause scraped knees and hands if a child falls.

daily mile running track

Sports Pitches and Multi-Use Games Areas (MUGAs) are also a great place for children to exercise. Our Stadia 24 product is a revolutionary next generation artificial grass. Stadia is a high quality surface for sports pitches, without the need for a sand or rubber crumb in-fill. This reduces maintenance costs and improves the play experience.


Exercise at school has been proven to have many more benefits to children and the school than just the child’s health. It can improve the child’s concentration in class, reduce stress and anxiety and even improve peer relationships. Research has also shown that active children are more likely to continue physical activity and become healthier adults later in life.

Nomow have been installing artificial grass in schools for decades and we have hundreds of glowing testimonials to back up our excellent service. 

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