Artificial Turf On Flat Roofs Is The Perfect Addition. Learn Why!


Art-Turf-Flat-Roofs.jpgFlat roofs pose unique problems for business owners who want to avoid constant maintenance and upkeep. Artificial turf is extremely versatile and diverse when it comes to how it is used and the different benefits it offers in certain situations. A flat roof can also be responsible for specific types of drainage problems. Covering a flat roof with artificial turf serves many purposes and solves a myriad of problems, including drainage and visual appeal.


Prevents Snow and Ice

One of the biggest problems of a flat roof is the build of snow and ice. Part of the problem is that when snow begins to melt, it will refreeze creating a large, extremely heavy layer of ice that can eventually damage a roof. Artificial turf offers a unique solution. When heavy snow collects on a roof, the heat that rises through the roof will begin to melt the snow on the bottom. As this occurs, the water from the melted snow will drain away through the artificial turf’s complex drainage system, eliminating the water’s ability to refreeze. Artificial turf on flat roofs can eliminate the risk of ice building up in certain areas, damaging the roof.


Allows for Drainage

Flat roofs tend to develop low areas as time passes. When low spots develop on a flat roof, water can collect, continuing the damage and causing low-lying area in the roof to leak. With artificial turf, the area to be covered is leveled and supported, creating a flat surface that allows for proper drainage. The complex network of channels prevents water from pooling or collecting in any way.


Eliminates Costly Roofing Repairs

Conventional flat roofs can require constant maintenance and repairs. From sealing large areas with paper and tar to replacing large sections that have been damaged due to environmental factors. Artificial turf requires little to no maintenance and is not affected by temperature or severe weather. The layers used during the installation of the artificial turf protect the surface of he roof, preventing leaks and other types of damage.


Visually Appealing

Artificial turf on flat roofs can be more visually appealing and less distracting than a conventional flat roof. The artificial turf can create a smoother, less rigid looking environment. The building will begin to look more appealing and less industrial.


Cost Effective

Artificial turf on flat roofs is extremely cost effective. Not only will it last for decades after it is installed, it requires little to no maintenance. Another added benefit is the fact that insulates the roof of the building preventing heat loss in the winter and protecting the inside of the building from the extreme heat of summer. The several layers used to make up the artificial turf also protect the roof from damage caused by strong winds or falling debris. The overall cost of the turf can be financed, making it easier to pay for over the course of the first five to ten years.


Artificial turf on a lawn provides a multitude of benefits on all levels. The same is true when the turf is used on commercial flat roofs. It is extremely easy to install and maintain and will not be affected by extreme temperatures or climate changes. The cost effective nature of artificial turf in any capacity can help to ease the pain of making a decision about installing a new roof. If the money has to be paid, why not install a material that offers more than just the conventional benefits. Along with visual appeal and literally no maintenance costs, the turf will pay for itself in just a few short years. If you have a flat roof on a commercial or residential property, talk to your local dealer to have all of your questions answered. A knowledgeable retailer will go over all of your options with you and allow you to make an informed decision.

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