Avoid This Mistake When the Sun Reflection Is Burning the Grass

Is the sun reflection burning the grass in your garden? Many people are dealing with this issue. However, only a few people know that the glare from a window burns the grass. In this post, we will explain how this strange, yet widespread phenomenon happens.

How Is the Glare From a Window Killing the Grass?

Many people are switching to Low-E windows. At the same time, they are replacing their real lawns with artificial greens. Their purpose is to be able to allot more money for their savings. Artificial grass does not need high maintenance, which saves time and money. Meanwhile, energy-efficient windows control the temperature inside the house to reduce energy consumption.

However, if you have these materials in your home, it could lead to a disaster. Low-E windows reflect the heat away to control the room temperature. However, it burns or melts the fake turf as it gets all the reflected heat. As a result, it affects the overall appeal of your home.

What Not to Do When the Window Glare Is Burning the Grass?

Many people water the entire field when the sun reflection is burning the grass. This strategy could cool down the lawn’s surface. However, it could cause further damage if you overwater the area. For instance, faux turf is a plastic material. Hence, it does not absorb water; therefore, causing flooding.

Meanwhile, water droplets on grass blades can intensify the existing problem. That is because water has reflective properties. Thus, when the sun hits the water on the lawn, it magnifies the light, causing further damage.

What Is the Best Way to Stop the Window Reflection From Burning the Grass?

There are several ways to prevent the sun reflection from burning the grass. You can plant shady trees in your yard, install an awning, or change the field (if you are using the plastic turf). However, these solutions still have setbacks.

If you want to get the best way to prevent the glass reflection from burning the grass, then you should choose the perforated window screen. This product is no ordinary window film as it looks like a bug screen. It deflects off the light and spreads out the heat all over the field. Nonetheless, it does not block the sunlight completely. That way, you can save money on electricity bills.

All these benefits and features of window screen are available at Turf Guard Window Film. Buy our products and let them stop the sun reflection from burning the grass.

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Avoid This Mistake When the Sun Reflection Is Burning the Grass

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