Best Artificial Turf Infill To Use With Pets

Pets love artificial grass. They can’t tell the difference between a synthetic grass product and the real thing. Artificial grass allows them to run, play, roll on the ground without the problem of fleas, ticks, other bugs, grass in their fur and the smell of the great outdoors. But your pets will use the bathroom outside on artificial grass just like they would on natural grass. So, one of the most important components of your pet artificial grass installation is the artificial turf infill. This is particularly important to pets because it is the artificial turf infill that helps with drainage, smells, and bacteria.

There are several varieties of infills that work well with pet use. They come in different price ranges and have different advantages, so it pays to research thoroughly before deciding on an artificial turf infill for your property.

Below are three of the most popular infills pet owners rely on for their artificial grass.

ZeoFill As Artificial Turf Infill

ZeoFill is a relatively new product that has become increasingly popular. It is comprised of several types of sedimentary rocks. These minerals naturally have anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties that control germs. This makes ZeoFill organic and natural, so it is completely safe for both pets and people.

A great feature of this artificial turf infill is that it is highly absorbent, so it quickly soaks up any urine that is deposited. You can also mix it with other types of less expensive infills to save money and improve their effectiveness.

Durafill Sand

Durafill Sand is another popular artificial turf infill that is highly efficient in controlling odors and stopping the spread of bacteria. Although it is more expensive than other types of sands, you can use less of it to cover more ground. This product is incredibly durable, so it withstands foot traffic well.

Durafill contains anti-microbials to stop bacteria from spreading. Unlike the ZeoFill, which is highly absorbent, Durafill does not retain or absorb fluids but allows them to quickly pass through to the drainage system.

Rubber And Sand Mixes

Rubber and sand mixes are another popular choice for pet owners because of their durability and comfort. These mixes are softer than other products, so they offer a great deal of cushion for paws and children’s feet.

This mix is great for completely covering large areas. It also serves a dual purpose in holding grass blades upright and keeping them looking fresh under heavy foot traffic.

The challenge with using this type of artificial turf infill with pets is that rubber absorbs heat, so this infill will be slightly hotter than other types. Also, it contains no anti-microbial properties so you will need to add another product to control both smell and odor.

Understanding how different infills work with your uses is key to picking the right one for your family. Your pet will require you to provide a yard with good drainage, odor control, and bacteria elimination. Fortunately, there are many choices in infills to meet your needs.

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