Best-Hidden Places in San Diego, CA

We at Tough Turtle Turf think that San Diego, CA is one of the best places to live and work. Our team continuously works hard to provide the very best in artificial grass, but we also believe in playing hard. So we started a list of the best-hidden places in San Diego, CA.

The Footbridges of Hillcrest and Banker’s Hill

foot bridge bankers hill hillcrest san diego ca tough turtle turf artificial grass

San Diego, CA isn’t much of a walking city. Even is the city’s urban neighborhoods, getting from point A to point B in a straight line often is blocked by San Diego’s canyons and cut off streets from another. In pasts times, one solution was to bridge the neighborhoods together, by footbridges. The only way to come across these bridges is by living in the area, or if you are actively seeking them. These footbridges give a unique character to the neighborhoods.
Harper’s Topiary Garden in Mission Hills
There is a beautiful topiary garden that is tucked away in the Mission Hills area. It’s not only fascinating but enjoyable. Edna and Alex Harper have opened to the public their garden so you can walk around admiring what they have done. It has over 50 creatures and shapes that populate their hillside garden.

The 25th Street Musical Bridge

foot bridge bankers hill hillcrest san diego ca tough turtle turf artificial grass

You can find the 25th Street Musical Bridge starting from the Martin Luther King Jr. Freeway to Golden Hill and Sherman Heights. As the name suggests, the unique bridge plays music. The bridge is a public work of art, and the chimes can be rustled on the sides so you can play a melody as you walk across.

Queen Califia’s Magical Circle Garden

queen califias san diego ca tough turtle turf artificial grass

You have probably seen Nikki de Saint Phalle’s artwork which is continuously on display in San Diego, CA. Two of her pieces are in the front of Mingei Museum. Her sculptures mostly represent human/animal characteristics with mosaic or mirror tiles with bright colors. You can find Nikk de Saint Phalle’s only American sculpture and her last major international project at Escondido’s Kit Carson Park.

Meadows Estate Sculptures

gaelleta medows estate turtle turf artificial grass

If you are visiting the sparse desert of Borrego Springs, you might find roaming around some massive saber toothe, mammoths, camels, birds, Gomphotherium, and sloths. And it’s not a Hollywood set. It’s one of the most impressive sculpture display you may ever see. Dennis Avery, land owner of Galleta Meadow Estates in Borrego Springs has added sculptures created by artist Ricardo Breceda who is out of Perris, California.

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