Boost Your Business! Commercial Benefits of Artificial Grass

Commercial artificial grass park installation with GazeboSYNLawn commercial artificial grass is a cost-effective solution for businesses in Fresno and across Central California. Our commercial artificial grass landscapes provide unique benefits for storefronts, housing communities, playgrounds and event venues alike in Fresno. Your synthetic turf needs to be reliable — just like the services your business provides. SYNLawn synthetic turf products are made specifically to withstand heavy foot traffic and lots of wear and tear while maintaining a perfectly manicured look all year round.


SYNLawn Business Benefits

  • Realistic alternative to natural grass
  • Significant savings on water bills and maintenance costs
  • Qualifies for water rebates and contributes toward LEED credits
  • Low maintenance to save time
  • Drainage at a rate of over 45L/hour
  • specification in all CAD formats
  • Maintains a perfect look and feel in all climates
  • Fully customizable installation & color options


Parks, Playgrounds & Outdoor Venues

Fresno is home to a variety of concerts, festivals and other community events that bring people together. All SYNLawn artificial turf is soft, forgiving and non-abrasive, which makes it perfect for any event or activity. We install soft padding underneath playground grass installations to help keep children safe. Our omega technology ensures a smooth, durable and comfortable surface for everyone to enjoy.

Fresno, CA synthetic grass systems are HIC tested to ensure they can withstand high impact play while still providing protection from injuries. If your business requires an indoor or outdoor play area it is important for you to have our patented system that protects children from falls as high as 10 feet and is in accordance with IPEMA standards and CSA approved fall attenuation. Our turf is also dirt and mud free, so your customers can avoid a laundry catastrophe.


Neighborhoods and Apartment Complexes

SYNLawn can help foster a sense of community by providing high quality synthetic turf products for all types of residential areas. Help keep HOA fees to a minimum with our synthetic grass for your neighborhood or keep apartment complexes evergreen with minimal maintenance.

Let’s take care of our furry friends that live with us as well. Every community needs a special pet area. SYNLawn is the perfect way to keep any size pet safe, clean and comfortable. Our synthetic grass ensures:

  • No dirt or mud to be tracked into living spaces
  • No brown spots caused by urine
  • No digging or holes
  • No pests such as fleas or ticks, helping prevent the spread of disease
  • Odor control
  • No moles or gophers



Whether you want a lush, natural look or a pop of color to make your business stand out, our artificial grass can work for you. SYNLawn artificial grass will make your storefront look polished and professional. Our turf can cover walls, hills and can even be designed to cover custom shapes. Curb appeal is essential to a successful business and we can easily incorporate living elements with your artificial grass landscape. Each installation comes with a 15-year warranty, so you can feel confident that SYNLawn will help your business for years to come. Contact us today for your free consultation.


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