California Artificial Grass Tax Rebates

Artificial Grass is the perfect eco-friendly improvement and now you can get tax rebates for installing synthetic turf. With the present economic state and the need to conserve natural resources and finances alike, there are solutions that take both into consideration. The continuing awareness for eco-friendly sustainable lifestyles has impacted several households, making them open to greener home lifestyles. Big and small steps are being taken to provide less waste and thus, more conservation. Eco home improvements can be made as a great start to sustainable home living. The critical concern for water conservation has pushed several households to consider alternate ways to save this resource.

A considerable option for household water conservation is the installation of artificial grass. An ongoing amount of state governments have established special tax rebate programs for homes that have installed synthetic grass. The state of California is known for its sunny weather and warm climate. Thus, much water is needed and used to keep yards and plants green in all parts of California. The California drought has moved the government to put out several PSA’s encouraging the limit of grass and plant watering. It has since encouraged several households to switch from natural grass to Artificial Grass, requiring no water for upkeep and maintenance. An average home that converts to artificial grass saves about 22,000 gallons of water a year. Households are also able to cut down on water bills and lawn maintenance. California’s artificial grass tax rebates have several active programs. These programs are broken up by region.

For Southern California, the Metropolitan Water Council has the Save Water, Save a Buck program. Due to the success of this program, as well as mandatory conservation in certain areas, reservations are needed in order to participate. After synthetic grass is installed, an application should be filled out in order to obtain the rebate. Qualifying requirements are listed and updated on the website. For the Greater Los Angeles Area, the Waterworks District is issuing rebates per square foot of artificial turf. This comes to 30 cents per square foot, or $150 for 500 square feet of synthetic grass installed. Santa Clara County programs can give out up to $1000, or $75 per every 100 square feet of artificial turf in household areas. Up to $10,000 in rebates can be granted to commercial or businesses that convert to synthetic waterless grass. The North Marin Country Water District gives cash rebates of $50 per every 100 square feet, or $400 per household that installs synthetic turf. Even condominiums and apartments in this country can get a rebate of up to $100 for switching.

There are also active rebate programs for synthetic grass that exist in Orange County, Soquel Creek, San Diego, Riverside, and Corona, just to name a few. These programs are constantly being updated to accommodate more households. Other counties and cities are continuously working to provide active tax rebate programs as incentives for synthetic grass installations. The Save Water, Save a Buck website is a great resource in accessing participating tax rebate programs. The Artificial Grass and Synthetic Turf US Rebate Programs website is also another great resource for California tax rebates. The state’s increased partnerships with local water organizations to build rebate programs is a great opportunity to take advantage of. Water conservation within the state of California is a crucial issue that can be solved one household at a time, while giving families a way to save their own hard earned money.


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