Can you get Australian Made Buffalo type Synthetic Turf

All Seasons | May 20, 2020

We often get asked for a Buffalo style synthetic grass, as customers want their new lawn to blend in with neighbouring real lawns or they want to match the lawn real lawn they have in the front or rear.

Our Buffalo synthetic lawn is Australian made and comes with a whopping 15 year warranty.



Here is a recently installed Buffalo 35mm lawn 


The blade (yarn) is a wider blade than our usual synthetic turfs, as is  the construction. The Buffalo yarn construction is a PE Monofilament, fibrillated PE tape.

These yarns offer better weave density or mass in heavy-duty industrial fabrics due to the yarns being able to fold or twist uniformly.   This manufacturing process is achieved by running the flat tapes over a roller or drum with a configuration of sharp pins which give the yarn a “hairnet” or honeycomb appearance when pulled open. Fibrillated tape yarns are used in numerous applications besides synthetic turf, from use in ropes, cords, industrial sewing yarns, marine carpeting, and heavy-duty industrial fabrics. This makes our Buffalo extremely tough and durable yet aesthetically pleasing to the eye and soft underfoot.


Finished Product Details  
Product Code 6252
Application Synthetic Turf/ Leisure/Residential
Pile Height  (mm) 35mm
Colours Green with multi colour sub pile
Available Width   3.71m
Standard Roll Length 20m
Approx. Shipping Weight 9.7kg/Lm
Line Systems  N/A
Infill Material  
Stabilising Infill  Fine grade silica sand 15kg/sqm
Performance Infill N/A
Product Warranty  
Warranty 15 year warranty as per manufacturer’s standard warranty
Machine Gauge 9.52mm 3/8″
Stitch Rate 14 per 100mm
Yarn weight 1,650 g/m2
No. of Tufts (m²) 14,705
Perforated Standard
Yarn Properties  
Yarn Construction PE Monofilament, Fibrillated PE Tape & PP sub-pile 
Linear Density 1100 Tex
Environment Environmentally friendly yarns which are heavy metal free
UV Stability The yarn is protected against UV degredation to the highest level
Primary Backing  
Construction Woven PP/non woven
Primary Layers 
Secondary Coating  
Compound Base Hybrid emulsion
Tuft Anchorage 40 Newtons (minimum)
Antioxidising Agent Present
  Quality certified by international Standards (AS/NZ   ISO9001:2008 )
Manufactured in Australia


For more information on this exciting new addition to our range email us on [email protected] or call 1300 931 443

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