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Even though you can’t argue with the aesthetical appeal and natural feel of real grass, artificial alternatives are just as good. In fact, they can provide you with a number of additional advantages.

Artificial grass and astro turf is easy to maintain, requires no water or fertiliser, will keep its appearance all year round, and can withstand the trials and tribulations of family life.

However, some people don’t even consider the possibility of artificial grass, as they believe it cannot be installed on top of decking. But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Laying artificial grass on decking

In many respects, it is far easier to install artificial grass on decking than preparing a garden full of earth and turf. This is because you already have a level and solid surface to work with.

Therefore, the process of laying down artificial grass can be as simple as cutting it to the right size, rolling it out on your decking, and then sticking down with adhesive. Even so, you will still need to prepare properly and install correctly.

Preparing and installing artificial grass on decking


  1. Clear your decking of all objects, such as furniture
  2. Spray with a garden hose. Wait until it has absorbed the water and is damp to the touch.
  3. Use a deck cleaner and scrubbing brush to get rid of any stubborn dirt and grime
  4. Rinse the deck cleaning mixture and wait 48 hours to dry


  1. Unroll the turf and lay it out for at least an hour
  2. Measure the dimensions of your decking and cut the artificial grass to these measurements, allowing two inches to the length and width for overhang
  3. Using a notched trowel held at 45 degrees, lay the correct amount of adhesive starting at the far end of your decking
  4. Lay down the first section of turf and firmly press into place with your hands
  5. Continue with the other sections, gently squeezing a bead of turf sealer along the seams
  6. Trim any excess turf along the edges of your decking carefully
  7. Flatten the artificial grass by pushing a weighted lawn roller over it
  8. Allow the adhesive to dry for 24 hours before using your artificial grass

There you have it, a simple and straightforward artificial grass installation on top of your existing wooden decking. 


artificial grass on decking

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