Can you Put Artificial Grass on a Slope?

Yes, you can put artificial grass on a slope! At Lion Lawns, we always want to get straight to the point and tell you everything you need to know about fake grass. A common question when it comes to the synthetic turf product is if it can go on a slope, well it can! But we are going to give you advice to ensure a sturdy base is created that will make sure the grass lasts.

Artificial Grass on Slopes

Many customers choose the option of artificial grass on slopes for certain reasons:

  • It is very difficult to mow real grass on slopes
  • What else can go there? Alternatives such as gravel would go all over the place!


Artificial grass on a slope in New Marske

Tips on Fake Grass Installation on a Slope

There are some certain steps you should adhere to when installing artificial grass on a slope. The most important is ensuring the base is correct. On a slope, the base would need to be constructed as if it was going up with the level of the garden. For example, with natural areas, we recommend a dig-out of about 50mm. Use the edging as a guide to dig out or use a specialist turf cutter to make sure it is at the right level. The base ensures the grass stays in place so this is a crucial step of the installation process.

The artificial grass is very flexible therefore putting it on a slope wouldn’t cause any ripples, lumps or bumps providing it was installed correctly (as with any install!)

It may be more difficult to measure the size of the area if your garden is on a slope. So make sure that measurements are correct before purchasing your artificial grass install. It will not necessarily be cheaper to install artificial grass on a flat base.

Be Wary:

Installing artificial grass on a slope requires a greater skill than on a flat base, for help with installation contact Lion Lawns today on 01642 713 555.

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