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How To Lay Artificial Grass?

Used as an alternative to natural turf, artificial grass can make a practical hard wearing alternative to lay as your lawn. There are many factors to consider, such as the location and size of the area to be covered and which type of artificial grass to use there. Carrying out the correct excavation and preparation […]

Everything You Need for a Before Starting Your DIY Artificial Grass Installation

An artificial grass installation could be the best decision you make this summer. It replaces your highly water-dependent grass with an attractive synthetic lawn that’s practically maintenance-free. And the best part? You can install it all by yourself. From finding the right tools to advanced artificial grass installation tips, here’s everything you need before you […]

How to Install Recycled Artificial Grass Yourself

In today’s increasingly environmentally aware age, you want to make sure that you’re recycling and reusing materials as much as possible. After all, there’s only one planet Earth, so you need to look after it. You recycle your household waste and buy items made of recycled material, but have you thought about getting or recycling […]

7 Steps to Artificial Grass Installation & Artificial Grass Pricing – Artificial Grass Wholesale

7 Steps to Artificial Grass Installation & Artificial Grass Pricing You’ve decided to take the plunge and invest in installing artificial grass. You’ve decided it’s not worth the time and money to keep a natural lawn healthy and want to save water, and protect yourself from expensive water penalties. Yet, did you know that there […]

4 Reasons to Get a Professional Artificial Grass Installation

Replacing your lawn with artificial grass offers you many benefits (well-maintained appearance, impact resistance, etc.). Although an artificial grass installation is easy enough to do yourself, you may have several reasons why you haven’t gone through with it yet. Maybe you want to make sure your grass looks perfect, or you simply don’t have the […]

4 Popular Uses for Artifcicial Grass and How to Install It

Many people are becoming frustrated with gardening and lawn maintenance. Unpredictable weather and busy lifestyles make upkeep difficult. This is one of the many reasons why artificial grass has become a popular way of enjoying a beautiful lush green lawn area. It has a wide variety of uses, which is why it continues to be […]

How to Install Artificial Grass On Dirt

Want to know how to install artificial grass on dirt? There are some terrific reasons for choosing to install artificial grass in your yard. For a start, this gives you a wonderfully uniform look that carries on looking great, no matter what the weather conditions are like. It is clear to see why so many people […]

How to Install Artificial Grass-DIY Guide

If you are planning on installing your artificial turf yourself, follow our simple instructions. Depending upon the base onto which you are laying your grass, the instructions are slightly different, so make sure you follow the right ones! Temporary installation Ensure the surface you are covering is clean and smooth. You can apply a self-levelling […]