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Are Sun Reflections Melting Turf in Phoenix, Arizona? Here’s What To Do

Sun Glare Melts Turf Grass in Phoenix, AZ Even On Milder Days It’s no surprise that Phoenix, AZ sees its share of hot, sunny days, but what is a surprise to many residents of Phoenix is that sun reflections off energy efficient windows can melt artificial turf grass on almost any day of the year. […]

How to have no urine smell if I have Pets and Synthetic Turf

  Asst is an Australian Family business, our staff and customers wellbeing is of upmost importance to us. ASST have taken action to minimize exposure to our staff and customers and we will be closely following safe practices as recommended by World Health Organisation and the Department of Health and Safety.   We are all […]

How to Stop Artificial Grass From Melting

Can Artificial Grass Melt? Yes, the artificial grass you paid handsomely to have installed at your property can melt and shrivel under the right conditions, turning that once handsome yard into an eye sore that needs to be fixed up at great expense. While there are so many benefits of fake grass compared to natural […]

Is Window Glare Melting Turf Grass?

Protecting Your Artificial Lawn Against Melting A synthetic turf grass lawn is a great way to have a property that looks good, requires no maintenance beyond occasional raking or blowing, and that won’t need watering or fertilizing, saving you money and helping out our planet, too. But that lawn won’t look good anymore if the […]

Protect Your Artificial Turf Grass Against Melting from Dual-Paned Windows

In Ashburn, VA, Grass Can Burn When the Sun Is Shining Save for those summer months of June, July, and August, when things get pretty hot in the Washington DC suburb city of Ashburn, VA, and the winter months when things get chilly, the weather is mild and pleasant. But in almost any month, from […]

How to reduce Urine smells from Synthetic Turf in Melbourne safely and economicaly

How to reduce Urine smells from Synthetic Turf in Melbourne safely and economicaly Home / Our Blog / How to reduce Urine smells from Synthetic Turf in Melbourne safely and economicaly P-OFF  Infill simply the best odour control for synthetic turf We all love our pets and want them to be able to enjoy our […]

What Should I Do if My Artificial Grass is Old

You’ve loved your artificial turf lawn for years, but nothing lives forever, not even fake grass. It can last 10-15 years or more, but eventually even time can take its toll: Infinitesimal fading finally becomes noticeable Seams begin to fray and separate Mold or smelly bacteria have built up, especially in pet-popular spots Highest traffic […]