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Let’s Talk Lifespan: How Long Does Artificial Grass Last?

What’s the first thing you think of when someone talks about artificial grass? Most people envision large sports fields overrun with soccer, football, or lacrosse players. Did you know that synthetic grass has tons of other uses? Many homeowners find creative ways to use fake grass from creating child-friendly play spaces to softening floors indoors. If […]

Why Latex Free Polyurethane Backed Artificial Grass is best for Your Dog

Artificial grass backing is essential for any synthetic turf. It is the layer that covers the drainage, and is set at the very bottom of the turf. The backing is necessary since it keeps the grass blades in place and by strengthening the grass, it prevents them from being pulled out. In essence, this is […]

Which Putting Green Turf Is Right For Your Backyard

  If you’re old enough, you may remember an old advertising slogan that said, “Better living through chemistry.” It’s unlikely that anyone at the time associated that slogan with artificial grass. And yet, today, advances in chemistry and technology have transformed the old, original AstroTurf into a panoply of beautifully realistic synthetic turf products, specifically […]

Reasons Why You Should Choose the Best Turf Product Options

Some people are on the edge when it comes to buying artificial turf. Why wouldn’t they be when it’s as if the whole neighborhood is changing their lawn into artificial ones? The reason is simple. With a lawn of natural grass, you have to spend so much time and money for its maintenance. Some homeowners […]

Everything You May Want to Know about Artificial Turf

Artificial turf, synthetic grass, and fake lawn are just within your reach. This product has changed the aesthetic look of many backyards. With its lush green color, it is as good as the natural grass. Some people say that it is even better. It does not require much maintenance. Moreover, it does not loosen even […]