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How Much does Artificial Turf Cost

Artificial grass is going more and more popular. We get several inquiries every day. The most frequently asked question is the cost of artificial grass. To find the exact cost, you’d better call us directly or leave message from the contact page. Most visitors who come across this page are out of China and plan […]

5 Questions To Ask Before Installing Artificial Grass

Installing artificial grass is one of the best processes that you can experience for your yard. Once the process begins it is quick to install yet there are a few questions you should ask beforehand. When you take the journey to install artificial grass, it is best to have as much knowledge about the process […]

13 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Artificial Grass Mat

The artificialgrass industry is growing while the natural turf industry is decreasing in size. This is due to the increase in synthetic turf’s popularity. In fact, IBISWorld research has shown that, between 2012 and 2017, the natural turf industry has declined by 1.7% per annum.   However, before you rush out and buy artificial grass […]

3 Useful Tips From Experts in Window Reflection Burning Grass

3 Useful Tips From Experts in Window Reflection Burning Grass

Many people are dealing with the window reflection burning the grass. They noticed a change in the color of the fake turf, which is quite surprising for them. However, even if you have installed a plastic lawn, it is still prone to burning. There are two reasons why your artificial turf is melting or burning. […]

How to Prevent Artificial Turf Damage from Reflective Elements

Artificial turfs are one of the best alternatives to natural grass. It has a minimal maintenance requirement and does not fade over a short time. Though convenient and cost-efficient, there are several factors that may cause artificial turf damage. The most common artificial turf damage is burning or melting. Artificial turf is made of synthetic […]

The Types of Artificial Grass Infill

When artificial grass is installed, it comes with an infill that allows the product to have some kind of support and comfort. After all, nobody wants to walk on something that is poorly laid and suggest an amateur has been at work. The complete installation process of artificial turf is a time consuming one however […]

Do’s and Don’ts When Having a Synthetic Turf

Installing a synthetic turf can instantly beautify the home exterior and provide a recreational area for the family. It requires very minimal care and maintenance making it more cost-efficient and convenient than the regular grass or field. However, there are several things to consider when installing and properly maintaining a synthetic turf. This can include: […]

Mastering How to Stop Window Reflection in 3 Simple Steps

Since people found out that the glare from a window melts the vinyl siding, they want to know how to stop window reflection. Window glare occurs when the sun shines on the glazing of a window. According to studies, window reflections can cause the cladding to melt. When the reflected heat hits your wall, it […]

Does Artificial Grass Freeze in Winter?

Homeowners across the country often dread the coming of winter and what it is going to do to their lawns and gardens. In particular, folks who live in colder climates and have natural grass lawns know that the full, green lawn they enjoy throughout spring and summer is going to go dormant once the temperature […]