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Is Artificial Grass Recyclable? | INSTALL-IT-DIRECT

In the past, folks who manufactured or purchased artificial turf were usually not concerned with whether or not it could be recycled. Even though it could have been possible to make artificial grass recyclable decades ago, recycling just was not really a thing. People were still throwing away soda bottles and food cans and not […]

How much can artificial grass save you in water bills?

One of the most well-known artificial grass benefits is the water saving, but how does this actually work? Check this short article to learn more about artificial grass water cost savings. How does artificial grass save water? It’s quite simple: artificial grass helps you save water outside because you never need to water the lawn! Your artificial grass […]

Why Choose Artificial Grass for Events? — Artificial Grass Scotland

If you’re in charge of a venue and you’re holding an important event, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a commercial building, a carnival, festival or amusement park, you’ll be wanting it to be successful. You will have tried hard to create a welcoming space and atmosphere for your visitors, and by creating an eco-friendly surface […]

Is Artificial Turf a Long-Term or Short-Term Solution?

Artificial turf can last for around 20+ years, but what does that really mean? Will you have to keep putting money into it over that period of time, or will artificial turf offer you a truly long-term solution? Whether you want to reduce your water bill or devote more time to your weekend hobbies, you’re […]