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Artificial Grass vs. Natural Grass – What Are the Differences?

If you want a lawn at your home, you have two choices – natural grass or artificial grass. Which is best? Well, that depends on practical factors such as initial and ongoing costs and the amount of maintenance required as well as personal aesthetic and sustainability preferences. Artificial grass can do everything natural grass can […]

Artificial Grass and Children’s Health

Posted February 26, 2019by NoMow Pupil’s health should be an important part of a schools educational vision. Government guidelines say that children should be getting 60 minutes of physical activity a day and artificial grass is the perfect solution to help achieve this. Artificial grass can encourage exercise on the playground or play area with […]

Artificial Grass Face Stitch Rate: What It Is And Why It Matters

Thanks to the ever growing popularity and demand for artificial grass, synthetic turf manufacturers have their hands full. More and more players are joining the industry, and the result is a wider variety of product in the market.  There are different types of synthetic turf in the market today, with distinct properties and characteristics that […]

What is Infill?

Infill is an important element of any synthetic turf sports field system. For Act Global, this means including infill turf as part of our balancing system. We check for shock absorption vs. vertical deformation, deceleration vs. slip resistance, and make sure it is skin friendly while still maintaining traction. Our engineers recognize that any infill […]

Definition of Terms You’ll Come Across In The Artificial Grass World

If you’ve been shopping around for artificial grass, you’ve probably come across some terms you’re unfamiliar with. To help out, we’ve put together a list of words and phrases that we get a lot of questions about. And of course, please give us a call if we can be of any other additional help! Pile […]

How to Prepare Your Artificial Grass Lawn for Winter (Guide)

One of the many benefits of living in Southern California is that we can enjoy entertaining and spending time with family in our outdoor living areas any time of the year. For those who have replaced their natural grass with artificial turf lawns, this includes the ability to hang out or entertain on our lawns […]

Most Effective Ways to Overcome Artificial Grass Melting Problem

Has your artificial grass melted? This has become a widespread issue, especially during the summer. As the temperature heats up, so does the artificial turf. However, summer temperatures are not the only reason why your synthetic lawn has disintegrated. Your energy-efficient windows can also cause your turf to melt. How Do Low-E Windows Melt Your […]

Does Artificial Grass Fade Or Stain?

  There are so many advantages to artificial grass. It’s easy to understand why homeowners, commercial property owners, and even municipalities have made the switch. But fake grass is a synthetic product, so you may be wondering whether it will stain or fade. Our Heavenly Greens artificial grass products will not lose their lustrous green […]