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3 Discreet Ways to Stop the Sun’s Reflection from Burning the Grass

Summer is here again. This is the time of flaunting your body and heading to beach resorts. However, this is also the season of grass fires. Many households experience this problem not because of sun exposure but because of the sun’s reflection. How Is the Sun Reflection Burning Grass? When the sun shines on an […]

2 Major Disasters When the Glare From a Window Burns the Grass

Did you know that the glare from a window burns the grass? Only a few people know this. Most of us thought that direct sunlight is solely responsible for this damage. So, how is the glare from the window killing the grass? What are the biggest disasters associated with this problem? Read this article to […]

What Is Artificial Turf?

Artificial turf is a man-made substitute for natural grass. It has evolved dramatically since its introduction several decades ago.   The old, original AstroTurf was essentially nothing more than a green-colored, textured mat. There was nothing “grassy” about it. The newest generations of artificial grass are extremely lifelike in every respect – except for the […]

3 Ways to Prevent Window Reflection Killing the Grass

It is more cost efficient to have artificial grass in your home than real grass. Having artificial turf on your lawn eliminates the task of having to condition your soil, plant the seeds, watering it regularly, and planting again when some of the seeds won’t grow. The time to complete this process and have beautiful […]

Does Artificial Grass Get Mold or Mildew? (PRO Tips)

Switching from natural grass to an artificial grass lawn conserves water, reduces the need for chemical yard care products, saves you time on yard maintenance, and allows you to enjoy a lush, green lawn every month of the year. In Southern California, where we often experience drought, conserving water is particularly important and having a […]

What Happens If A Critter Like A Mole Gets Under Your Artificial Turf? What Should You Do?

Those wretched moles! And their equally wretched cousins, gophers! Digging up a storm, and making a big mess of your lawn, one hole or mound at a time. It’s enough to make any self-respecting home owner throw in the towel. You might as well pave over your yard and be done with it.

Can I Pressure Wash or Power Wash Artificial Turf?

Power washing is an effective, easy way to clean a variety of outdoor surfaces. Pressure washers are widely available for purchase and easy to rent at larger home improvement stores and tool rental yards. They are also relatively easy to use and require no special skills for basic usage. Together, all of these things can […]