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5 Benefits of Installing Recycled Artificial Grass for Dogs

Artificial grass has its place in many different settings, from outdoor soccer fields to indoor arenas. However, this reliable alternative can replace the grass in your own backyard and make life easier for you and your dog. Fake grass for dogs looks and feels more like the real thing thanks to today’s advancements in artificial […]

How to reduce Urine smells from Synthetic Turf in Melbourne safely and economicaly

How to reduce Urine smells from Synthetic Turf in Melbourne safely and economicaly Home / Our Blog / How to reduce Urine smells from Synthetic Turf in Melbourne safely and economicaly P-OFF  Infill simply the best odour control for synthetic turf We all love our pets and want them to be able to enjoy our […]

Is Fake Grass Good for Dogs?

Although most people imagine expansive, dark green grass when they think of their dream lawn, there’s nothing that says that grass has to be real. In fact, there are many reasons to choose artificial grass over natural grass. Perhaps you want a lower-maintenance lawn or a yard that’s green year-round. Maybe real grass simply doesn’t […]

Prevent These Pet-Induced Yard Problems for Good With the Best Artificial Grass for Dogs

Want a beautiful lawn that’s easy to maintain without making it off-limits for your pooch? Invest in the best artificial grass for dogs. Unlike the real thing, it stays lush, green and pristine even when subjected to the antics of a naughty canine. Never deal with these pet-induced yard issues again when you switch to […]

Upgrade Your Outdoor Canine Kennel with the Best Artificial Grass for Dogs

A dog kennel is the perfect space for canine adventures. It allows you to designate an outdoor area for your pooch to enjoy as much as he wants while you’re not around. Cover it with the best artificial grass for dogs instead of natural turf, and you’ll also simplify your backyard upkeep routine and level […]

Artificial Turf for Dogs | Choosing the Right Turf for Your Pup

Choosing artificial turf that both you and your dog will enjoy can seem overwhelming at first, especially with so many options and opinions out there. At Purchase Green, we’ve helped many customers find turf solutions that work well for pets and people alike, so in today’s post, we’re bringing you our top tips and PG […]

Benefits of Artificial Grass for Your Dogs

Create a yard that everyone can enjoy including your dog. Artificial grass is a perfect low maintenance solution that benefits homeowners. It’s easy to maintain and solve many issues that natural grass brings. If you have any questions please read some common FAQ artificial grass. Here are some benefits of artificial grass for your dogs. […]

Top Benefits of the Best Synthetic Grass for Dogs in San Jose for DIY Pet Agility Centers

Agility centers are the perfect venue for dogs to expend their energy, stay fit and tap into their natural instincts. Don’t settle for less than the best synthetic grass for dogs in San Jose for your pet run. Not only is it pet-proof and dirt-free, but it also comes with efficient drainage that can eliminate […]