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What is Flo-Rite-Thru Technology? (Artificial Grass for Dogs)

Fake grass is great for dog runs, play areas and lawns, and now, with advances in artificial grass for pets, it is also suitable for heavier-use areas, such as boarding kennels, dog parks and other pet facilities. Pet grass technology has come a long way, and most higher-quality artificial grass products now have drainage comparable […]

New Dog Parks at West Hollywood Park Featuring K9Grass by ForeverLawn

Beth and Corey from ForeverLawn Pacific Coast with Mayor John Heilman of West Hollywood January 13, 2018 (West Hollywood, CA) – The ribbon cutting ceremony for the new dog parks at West Hollywood Park featuring K9Grass by ForeverLawn took place Saturday January 13th. Beth and Corey of ForeverLawn Pacific Coast were able to attend the […]

Safe Artificial Grass For Children and Dogs

K9 Turf is a very safe artificial grass for dogs and children Are you in search of a safe artificial grass for dogs and children? Having an outdoor space becomes crucial if you have pets or children or both. Going out for playing is essential for both pets and children, you cannot keep them inside. […]

Why Latex Free Polyurethane Backed Artificial Grass is best for Your Dog

Artificial grass backing is essential for any synthetic turf. It is the layer that covers the drainage, and is set at the very bottom of the turf. The backing is necessary since it keeps the grass blades in place and by strengthening the grass, it prevents them from being pulled out. In essence, this is […]

Artificial Grass is the perfect solution for dog kennels – Just imagine this…

January 9, 2018 Ready to create a clean and comfortable play area for your pet? Artificial grass is the perfect solution to keep your dog or dogs happy! By installing artificial grass in your dog kennel, it allows your dogs to train, play, and relax in the perfect environment. Why is it perfect? Check […]

Artificial Grass for Dogs

Artificial turf as most would call Fake Grass is becoming increasingly popular for the average home owner with pets, especially dogs. It demands a reduction in lawn maintenance, requires no water and can be enjoyable year round. How Safe is Artificial Grass? Great news is that artificial lawns are safe for pets and a lot more resilient that […]