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SYNLawn Artificial Grass Can Help Seasonal Allergies

Did you know that installing an artificial grass landscape at your Fresno based home or business can help reduce your seasonal allergies? Spring may bring warmer weather and gorgeous flowers, but it also brings stuffy noses, scratchy throats and red, puffy eyes. Are you one of the millions of individuals that suffer from seasonal allergies? […]

Weed Problems Don’t Have To Plague Your Grass Lawn

Natural grass lawns are always plagued with problems. From weeds to dead patches, it?s hard to be frustration-free. But there is a way to fix these issues ? by installing Estate Greens synthetic turf. Estate Greens landscaping solutions are available to homeowners through a free, consulting designer. The synthetic grass is installed by professionals who […]

5 Reasons why Estate Greens is your best choice

1. Flawless Installation with Estate Greens Estate Greens installs only the finest artificial grass, with the latest and greatest products. Estate Greens will install a complete landscape system which makes it more than just turf. Our infill material used during installation keeps the artificial blades erect and provides ballast for the synthetic grass. The installation […]

Artificial Grass 2016

Is artificial grass good for everyone in 2016? Estate Greens  Homeowners today more than ever before,are choosing to ditch their water hungry lawns. These very same homeowners are switching to natural looking artificial grass. I think one reason is that the quality of artificial grass has become so good. In addition to all the state and […]