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Retirement Planning for Homeowners

Home > Knowledge Center > Retirement Planning for Homeowners When most of us think of retirement planning, we think of securing our financial future with smart investments, a solid savings plan and ensuring that we will continue to have our healthcare expenses covered as they increase. This is all central to successfully entering retirement without […]

Window Film to Stop Artificial Turf from Melting

How Can Window Reflections Melt Artificial Grass? If you have ever seen patches of artificial turf grass that look withered or melted, you might wonder how that happened. Isn’t fake grass designed to live outside and withstand the elements, after all? What use is a synthetic lawn that can’t even resist sunshine without melting? The […]

Act Global Supplies Artificial Turf to Annual “Share the Smile” Soccer Competition

In memory of Krystian Popiela, Share the Smile Foundation hosts a soccer competition assisting young players who suffer from serious disease or injury to cover hospital treatment and medical bills. Tarnów, Poland–Act Global is a partner of the foundation involved in the organizing and supplying of Xtreme Turf synthetic grass for the annual soccer competition […]