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Considerations When Purchasing Artificial Grass for Playgrounds

Considerations When Purchasing Artificial Grass for Playgrounds

Not all variations of artificial grass are suitable for children’s outside play areas. For instance, some synthetic grass is designed for landscaping purposes while others are more suitable for sports fields. Knowing how to determine the right type of grass for playgrounds is important when creating a safe play environment for children.

How to find the most suitable artificial grass

With so many different types of artificial turf on the market, it is important to determine which type of grass would be most suitable for playgrounds. The best way to go about this is by locating a manufacturer or retailer that designs and/or manufactures synthetic grass specifically for outside play areas. Synthetic turf that is safe for playgrounds should be specific, rather than general. It needs to be durable, and, above all; safe. For instance, polyethylene is resilient and able to withstand high-traffic, all-weather use, yet is forgiving and soft enough to be safe, protecting children from injuries.

Does the artificial grass have outdoor-ready properties?

Not only should the synthetic grass you choose be specially designed for outside play areas, it should also have specific properties that make it suitable for outdoor use. The artificial grass product should be able to withstand heat and airborne pollutants, while being UV resistant to avoid discolouration. As the product should also be able to handle rain, you’ll need to look at properties such as adequate drainage features to prevent puddles and the development of mould which would pose safety concerns such as slipping, the growth of bacteria as well as allergic reactions.

Choose the correct type of infill

In order to make the grass surface look as natural as possible, some synthetic grass products require infill; the material that is placed in between the grass blades. Not only is it important for aesthetics, top-quality infill will also ensure added comfort which is particularly important when it comes to outdoor play areas where children run around and inevitably fall and have little accidents. The best infill to use, especially formulated for playground areas, is crumb rubber infill. It is gentle and non-toxic, making it not only the safest but also the most natural looking option.

When it comes to outside play areas for children, safety should always be paramount. Not only the playground equipment such as jungle gyms, but also the ground surface area should be of the best possible quality and especially formulated for the purpose. When selecting the material, don’t settle for just any type of synthetic turf. Investing in an outdoor, specific product with the right infill will ensure a beautiful, and most importantly, safe surface cover.



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