Create an Indoor Garden for Your Pets

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Are you a pet owner without a garden? Perhaps you’ve always wanted a pet but are hesitant to get one because you don’t have a garden area? Don’t despair, many happy pet owners don’t have the luxury of an outdoor space, especially if they live in flats or apartments. We here at Artificial Grass Direct are here to tell you how you can create an indoor garden for your pets with just a little artificial grass and a touch of creativity using the handy infographic at the bottom of this post.

“My Home Isn’t Big Enough for an Indoor Garden!”

You don’t have to dedicate massive amounts of space to your indoor garden, and definitely not the kind of space you’d see in a conventional garden. Think of this indoor space as more of a dedicated area for your pet so they’ve got somewhere to call their own. You’ll still need to take them on regular walks and we don’t advise letting them go to the toilet in your indoor garden (although it’s worth mentioning our Champion artificial grass is easy-clean and ‘accident’ friendly).

“I Live in a Rented Property, I Can’t Make Any Big Changes”

Don’t worry! Using artificial grass indoors doesn’t require the same kind of installation as it does outdoors. When creating your indoor garden area you can simply lay the artificial grass on the floor the way you would a rug. The textured underside of the grass will help it stay in place on most surfaces, though you may want to weigh the corners down if your pet is particularly playful.

“I Don’t Want to Buy a Massive Roll of Artificial Grass for a Small Project”

You don’t have to. You can order most of our products in sizes as small as 2×1 meters via our online shop. Want to try before you buy? Visit our free samples page for samples of our best-selling grass delivered straight to your door!

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