Differentiating Good From Bad Quality Artificial Grass


Having a beautiful, well-manicured lawn can be stressful due to the fact that it will require regular maintenance. Indeed, if you have the best grass planted on your yard, it will look really nice and it may even feel great under your feet. But as mentioned earlier, natural grass will necessitate maintenance; something that you may not be capable of performing on a regular basis.

It is actually for this reason that many homeowners today choose to purchase fake turf. Artificial turf will not just keep the maintenance to a minimum but will also save you money. Today, the best quality artificial grass also looks great as the real thing. In order to help you weed out the bad from the good ones, consider applying these 5 easy ways so you will end up having good quality fake turf in your lawn.

Choosing Good Quality Artificial Grass

Get samples from your provider – You must be reminded that samples can be provided without the need to spend money. The provider can actually sent it to you via post or perhaps you can drop by their store and ask to take home some.

Know the characteristic of a good quality fake grass – Experts highly emphasized that excellent quality fake grass will have a soft and non-abrasive texture. Before, fake grass is obvious. But today, artificial turf feels great and like real because of tech innovations. Be reminded though that texture might differ in price – oftentimes, a mid-range artificial turf will feel softer as opposed to economy fake turf. Moreover, they come in single or multi-tone hues. Most importantly, they come in different pile heights and density similar to natural grass.

Determine how it was constructed – Those with high quality must have proper construction. It must feature holed latex backing for drainage. Also, it must come with rubber, sand, or superior non-infill surface. It is optional for you to choose one with padded underlay – this option is actually very suitable for gardens having uneven surface or perhaps those with poor sub-base. What’s good about this option is that it can provide stability, comfort, and safety whilst not needing extensive work on your lawn.

Determine what you really need – You must be aware that artificial grass will come in different varieties – each one is meant for certain needs. Some are great for field sports while others are for residential lawns. Also, there are those that are highly recommended for families with pets.


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