DIY Your Yard: How to Install Artificial Grass for Pets Like a Pro


Installing artificial grass for pets is one of the simplest and most effective ways to transform your yard into a beautiful, practical space. It’s also the ideal DIY project —all you need is to order your artificial turf and accessories, get a few tools ready, and gear up for a fun and productive weekend. Start preparing for your project by learning the basic steps of artificial grass installation!

The Basic Steps of Installing Artificial Grass

Artificial grass installation is a fairly straightforward process given proper research and preparation. Here’s a step-by-step guide to aid your DIY turf installation:  

First, you need to clear out the existing turf in your lawn to make way for artificial grass. You need a space or turf cutter to remove a few inches of existing dirt and grass sod. Keep in mind that synthetic grass will sit about half an inch over the edging, so adjust accordingly. During this phase, be sure to:

  • Cap and remove any sprinkler heads and sprinklers
  • Lay down a plastic membrane to prevent weeds
  • Add a thin base layer of crushed stone, grit, or sand on top of the membrane
  • Level out the surface and smoothen out any bumps
  • Leave a rough grade for drainage

This first step is one of the most time-consuming ones, but the rest will flow smoothly once the site preparation is done correctly.

After preparing the site, carefully cut your artificial grass to the precise size and shape you need. Don’t rush this process; take time to look over your yard to determine the best way to lay the grass down. Use a sharp utility knife to cut the grass according to the necessary measurements.

Depending on the type of artificial turf you get, you might need to lay down a shock absorbing layer if you’re looking for more cushioned feel, or simply buy artificial grass that already comes with this layer.

While you’re laying the artificial grass, remember to push it into the corners to avoid gaps and ensure a perfect fit. Going along the perimeter of the yard, nail the grass firmly into place every foot or so. Secure it further with a layer of adhesive if needed. Have your artificial grass accessories on standby so you can install them as you go along.

Enjoy Your New Artificial Grass Lawn

Unlike real grass, you don’t have to wait too long to use your beautiful artificial lawn. You can play, relax, and spend time on your new green space once the turf settles down. Best of all, all the hard work is done —artificial grass requires very little maintenance, so the only thing that’s left after installation is to enjoy the fruits of your DIY efforts!

Start Your DIY Artificial Grass Installation Today

Ready to get started? With Artificial Turf Express, you can have your synthetic grass and artificial turf accessories in San Jose ready to go straight from our warehouse. We also have a comprehensive artificial grass installation guide to help you DIY your way to an amazing lawn. Come in to see how we can help with your next project!

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