Do’s and Don’ts When Having a Synthetic Turf

Installing a synthetic turf can instantly beautify the home exterior and provide a recreational area for the family. It requires very minimal care and maintenance making it more cost-efficient and convenient than the regular grass or field.

However, there are several things to consider when installing and properly maintaining a synthetic turf. This can include:


Remove all plant roots, weeds, and other debris before installation

By doing so, synthetic turf can be flattened on the ground and won’t develop bulky areas. It can also refrain plants from growing under the installed artificial turf that can cause damage such as dents and holes.

Keep the animals away from the turf

Pets, specifically cats and dogs, have a habit of digging holes in the lawn or backyard. Keeping the synthetic turf pet free can prolong its quality and prevent hole damages created by our loved pets.

This can also keep the turf from unnecessary debris, dust, and odor.

Before installation, make sure that the field is well-filled and flattened. This is to ensure that the ground is even before adding on the synthetic turf.

Be mindful of window reflection

Window reflection magnifies and intensifies the heat being reflected towards the turf hence can cause burning and melting.


Walk on the artificial turf right after installation

Leave the newly installed artificial grass for at least 24 hours before walking or doing activities on it. This is to give ample time for the adhesive to harden and be ready.

Perform barbeque activities on the artificial field

Heat can damage the artificial field drastically. Performing barbeque parties, bonfire, or other cooking activities that require heat can burn or melt the synthetic grass.

The smell of a burning synthetic fiber can also be harmful to everyone’s health.

Use toxic detergents when cleaning

Toxic chemicals can permanently damage the artificial grass. It can cause discoloration, slight burning, and melting for some.

Use water in cooling and slightly dusting off the artificial turf but remember to not use too much of it. Water can soften the glue making the fibers come off.

Having a synthetic turf can be less of an expense than having an ordinary grass. Yet, it still requires proper care and maintenance to maximize its quality and appearance. Visit our website to know more about artificial turf products and maintenance.

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Do’s and Don’ts When Having a Synthetic Turf

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