Everything You Need To Know About Turf Delivery

Turfonline’s turf delivery service is second thanks to good communication with our customers.

How turf buyers can help with turf deliveries

Everybody wants a problem-free turf delivery.  If you are expecting to have a consignment of turf – or topsoil – delivered to your home.  Here are a few things to think about.

  1. All deliveries are kerb side. That means that we will put your turf as close as possible to your property but not necessarily on it.
  2. Turfonline make all of our turf deliveries via tail-lift vehicles. There are no cranes or hi-abs.  Occasionally we may use a lorry that carries its own forklift.
  3. Expect your turf to arrive on an artic lorry – unless you tell us in advance that there is no artic access to your property.
  4. Please double-check when placing your order that you have given the correct address, postcode and contact telephone number
  5. Please let us know in advance if there are likely to be any obstacles such as low-hanging trees that could make it difficult for a high-sided vehicle to deliver. It’s also useful if you can share local knowledge with us too – for example will we be delivering close to a school where parking is super-difficult at certain times of the day.
  6. The driver will park as close as possible to your property and then unload your turf using a tail-lift and a pallet truck. Pallet trucks cannot operate on grass, mud, gravel, steps, slopes or inclines.  They need a solid, level surface such as tarmac, paving or concrete.  Please please please give us fair warning if you think there may be problems with either parking or unloading.  We can usually arrange to have your turf delivered on a more suitable vehicle.
  7. Turf has a very short shelf life and if you are unhappy with the quality you need to let us know in writing within 48 hours of delivery – otherwise we may not be able to help resolve the problem. Please make sure you are there to receive delivery and inspect the turf as soon as it arrives.

Timed Turf Deliveries

Turfonline offers timed deliveries.  By that we mean that you can specify whether you’d like your turf delivered in the morning or the afternoon.  There is an extra cost to having a timed delivery but if it makes it easier to organise your day, it is well worth the expense.

Occasionally – and it is occasionally, our lorry might get caught up in traffic or be delayed at an earlier drop.  The driver will do everything in his power to get to you in time, so please be patient.  If you’re really worried, call us on 0333 456 4516 and we’ll find out where he’s got to.

Turf Delivery Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about turf delivery.

If there’s anything you need to know and can’t find the answer here – get in touch and we’ll endeavour to answer your question within 2 working days.

Contact the team at Turfonline

This video from the Turf Grower formerly known as Q Lawns (now Harrowden Turf Ltd) explains the challenges of next day turf delivery

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