FAQs about Artificial Turf And What You Can Expect

  • “Is a synthetic lawn pricey?” — While a artificial lawn isn’t really economical at first, when you calculate the investment over time, it is obvious the financial investment you make will pay for itself over the span of its life. Synthetic grass removes lots of (if not all) of the upkeep expenses related to an all-natural lawn and it allows you to place those financial savings right back right into your pocket.
  • “Does it drain well?” — Artificial lawns drain extremely well. As a matter of fact, it drains far better than a natural lawn! Permeable baking allows water to easily drain from the surface area to the subsoil where absorbing products, such as crushed rock, holds the excess water, allowing it to gradually drain into the draining system below. Exactly what this implies for you is you will no longer have to deal with unpleasant pools of water in your lawn, which leaves no chance for muddy paws after a large rainstorm.
  • “Is it canine friendly?”— Unlike natural turf, synthetic grass cannot be dug up easily by your pup and dog waste is easy to clean off with a hose. Likewise, because bugs are not drawn to artificial turf, you can stop fretting about ticks and fleas attacking your pet. Dog friendly? Definitely.
  • “What about upkeep?”— After you install synthetic turf, could get rid of your lawn mower for a leaf blower instead. It really isn’t about maintaining a synthetic lawn, but instead it is about eliminating the natural waste that can accrue on your lawn and making sure you periodically “fluff” the artificial blades with a rigid mop or brush.


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