Football and Artificial Grass


What could be a more iconic use for your artificial grass lawn than playing football in the fall? You don’t have to be a pro team to enjoy this game, you don’t even need more than a few folks to play on each side. A ball, some flags, and you’re all set. Probably best to keep your dog away from the action, though, so no one trips over him.

Even if the weather’s wet, artificial grass is the perfect playing surface for football. Always just-right, never slippery. Never any mud for players and fans from the sidelines to track into the house.

Love, love, LOVE football?

Show off your enthusiasm for the sport by building your Halloween lawn décor with a football theme! There’s still time to get that done, and you can be sure your yard will be the talk of the holiday.

Host a tailgate party

Whether you root for your kid’s high school team, Stanford, San Jose State, the 49ers or some other football franchise, it’s a tough call when you can’t get to all the games. No sweat! You can still round up the gang for a tailgate party at your place. And, let’s be honest here. Wouldn’t you rather sit around on your nice, comfy patio furniture than a folding camp chair or on top of the cooler? Or, you could sit right on the grass. Pretty, soft, and pretty inviting, we’d say. Can’t do that in some stadium’s parking lot.

Get an old tailgate from the local auto junkyard, set it up on a couple of sawhorses, and you’ll have a perfectly authentic buffet table. Bring your big screen TV outdoors so party-goers can catch the pre-game commentators and predictions, then everyone can settle in to watch the game, too. Be sure to keep those dogs and burgers coming, though, along with everyone’s favorite beverages. Football requires fan fuel.  

Does someone in your family have a fall birthday?

Sounds like the perfect reason to put on a backyard football birthday party. If the birthday person is one of your smaller kids, transform your backyard into a “training camp.” Maybe you can even score a player from the local high school to come and give some coaching tips. If your youngster is into soccer instead – that’s football, too, at least according to the rest of the world. Play on.

Football isn’t a big deal at hour house?

Well, so what?! Any fall activity is a great excuse to continue enjoying your lawn well into fall. Well into winter, for that matter, as long as the weather doesn’t get too cold. (Your artificial grass won’t mind, but you might.) Just because the season has changed doesn’t mean you have to forego backyard BBQs for family, neighbors, or friends.

Host a “tailgate” party and watch a movie. (Ooooh – maybe a scary Halloween movie, followed by ghost stories.) Or organize a family campout under the stars in your backyard. Your artificial grass will make a soft cushion for cozy sleeping bags. And if it starts to rain, you can quickly move your campsite indoors.

Football and artificial grass are made for one another

Literally. Synthetic turf was invented to provide a better surface for professional baseball, and it quickly became popular with football teams, too. Artificial grass has evolved dramatically since then. It’s better than ever, still a big winner with pro field sports of all types, and a multi-benefit winner for amateur sports hosts and homeowners, too. Whether your guests are lining up for the next down or lining up to get their next burger fresh off the grill, there’s no denying that football season is another great reason to get out there and enjoy your artificial grass.

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