General DIY Installation Steps for the Best Putting Greens


Planning to have the best putting greens in your courtyard or lawn? With some spare time, a few tools and quality turf delivered straight to your door; you can have a backyard putting paradise in no time.

It is a completely doable option that gives you complete control of the size, design and budget of your project. Familiarize yourself with the basic steps of synthetic grass installation as you prepare for the project!

Basic Steps for Backyard Putting Green Installation

As a DIY installer, the key to successful turf installation is to do proper research. Learn every detail of the process before you begin. Below are the most basic steps for installation:

  1. Sketch a layout.

Before anything else, create a rough layout of your putting green on a piece of paper. This should include basic shape, size and cup placements. You will use this diagram as a guide as you progress in installing the best artificial turf in your properties.

  1. Take note of measurements and outlines.

Measure the installation area. Use rope, string, garden hose or similar materials to create an outline of your desired putting green shape. Mark this shape using spray paint. This will serve as your reference once the materials are placed.

  1. Prepare the grounds.

Do not skip this step! You need to lay the proper foundation for your turf:

  1. Add the cups.

Use a post hole digger or a shovel to create holes that are at least two inches larger than the cup itself. The depth of the hole should be equal to the length of the cups. Be sure to refer to your diagram for the placement of your cups.

  1. Roll out the turf.

Place the best putting green turf at the edge and roll it out. Remove all creases, wrinkles and bubbles as you go. Use a utility knife or a sharp blade to cut according to proper shape and size.

  1. Secure with tape and adhesive.

Fold back the edge of the turf and add black seaming strips to the sub-base where the seams will meet. Then, spread adhesive on the entirety of the black strip. Lay your turf back, making sure the seams are aligned. You can also use pegs and staples for reinforcement.

  1. Apply infill.

Spread infill across the surface. Make sure that both the infill and the turf are dry for this process to avoid clumping. Brush against the grain and repeat as necessary. Once satisfied, brush excess infill.

  1. Cut the holes.

Using your bare hands, find the cup holes beneath the turf. Cut an X at the center using a utility knife and then cut around the edge of the cup.

  1. Try your new putting green.

The last step is simple: have fun! Go ahead and test your homemade green space and make your first putt.

Kickstart Your DIY Turf Installation Project Today

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