Going Green Problems: Artificial Turf Melting

Is your recently installed artificial turf melting causing you trouble?

Compare a house with a dull and empty lawn and a home with lush green yard complete with well-maintained, neatly trimmed grass. Wouldn’t you care to take a second look at the home with a good landscape?

Interior décor splurges can easily go out of style with the arrival of new trends. At the same time, expensive electronic appliances can wear down over time. However, a good landscape can go a long way in upgrading your yard’s looks. It offers a charm that’s naturally irresistible. Hence, if you are finding ways to add value to your home, you simply cannot take your yard for granted.

The Rising Popularity of Artificial Turfs

Many people are now realizing the benefits of installing artificial turf. Below are some of the reasons why most homeowners now prefer to buy fake turf:

  • Unlike natural grass, there is no need to water them.
  • There is no need to mow or trim them every now and then.
  • Plastic grass price is now lower, and they are easy to install.
  • It eliminates the use of pesticides for grass cultivation.

Artificial Turf Melting and Why It’s a Growing Concern

Synthetic turf prices are now more affordable. As more people are now opting to install hassle-free artificial grass, it has recently come into light that artificial turf melting is a growing concern.

The nature of the materials which make up most synthetic turf for sale today makes them susceptible to melting once exposed to high temperature. Typically made out of synthetic plastic and polymers, when synthetic turfs are subjected to heat, the tendency for them to disintegrate is inevitable.

Artificial turf melting is largely attributed to the heat of the sun. Decorative mirrors and glass windows, in particular, can put off significant amount of reflection which in turn can cause melting in the surrounding surfaces of the lawn.

It’s worth considering that the majority of outdoor artificial turf has a melting point of between 175 and 200 ° F. Now, there is not much that artificial turf companies can do about it. The best way to ensure your artificial turf last longer is to protect them.

Window film can be your optimal solution in preventing turf from melting. When damaging window reflection is threatening to ruin your artificial green landscape, installing clear perforated window film can prove to be a perfect solution to artificial turf melting.

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