Half Term is Here but Who Wants a Muddy Garden? – Football in the Garden

We can’t quite believe February has come around so quickly either! The sun is starting to make the occasional appearance but we still experience the regular downpours of rain. However, you may have realised that some days are mild enough to go outdoors and to spend a bit of time with the family, and that is exactly what we think the school pupils will be doing this week during half term. But with usage of our gardens starting to mount up, we are asking you… Do you want a muddy garden this spring?

Gardens are there to be used, not just looked at. They encourage activity, creativity and just having fun! So why should we be dubious about the children playing football on the lawn? Especially in the rainy weather. Well the combination of tackles, ball rolling and the muddy garden can not only leave your lawn looking lifeless, dull and unattractive, it can also be a possible safety risk.

Certainly, we don’t want to discourage any form of exercise but what if our minds were at ease during the school holidays? Synthetic Turf is your solution.

The product is now so advanced that it can look like (and perform like) natural grass only without leaving an old and tired looking surface behind after every use. What is great about our muddy garden solutions is that they are designed using a safe play concept. The synthetic turf is super safe, non-abrasive complete with trip free edging and we even offer shock pads underneath to cushion falls and absorb impact.

It’s not Just Football

At Lion Lawns, we can provide specialist football turf to cover your surface in a high-performance product but it doesn’t have to be just football. We can create a mini hockey pitch for your garden, a colourful children’s play area, a children’s tennis court and so much more! In fact, we even completed an outdoor basketball court during one of our installations.

Much more information is available from our Stokesley based offices. Just contact us  on 01642 713 555 or email info@lionlawns.co.uk to discuss options to transform your muddy garden into something so much better!

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