How a Synthetic Turf Helps Protect Athletes

  • In 2012, 1,353,750 children under age 19 visited an emergency room for a sports injury.
  • 1 in 3 was injured seriously enough to miss practices or games, and some suffer life-long consequences.
  • 75% of children surveyed responded they rely on their coaches to keep them safe.

With millions of athletes participating in sports every year, injury prevention must be a top priority of the industry.  At Act Global, we understand and address the needs of player safety so that athletes can have the confidence they need to excel on the field because not all surfaces are created the same.  What many parents, coaches, and athletic directors do not realize is that a field can significantly impact a player’s safety and performance.   We make it a priority to invest in research and development opportunities to create a perfectly engineered surface for each field sport.  Each of our synthetic turf systems has a specific shape, density, pile height, backing, and Gmax rating to reduce the most common injuries including:

  • Fractures 18%
  • Sprains 33%
  • Bruises & Abrasions 16%
  • Internal Organ Injuries & Concussions  (12%)

We take it upon ourselves to explore each component of our turf systems to create a durable and reliable solution to traditional artificial grass.  Due to our commitment to quality and safety, Act Global synthetic turf is designed and built to stringent performance and safety standards, per international guidelines set by FIFA, FIH, World Rugby.  We have conducted tests against the best natural grass benchmarks for football, baseball, and American football, as well as had our results verified by independent field tests and certifications.

We make this commitment to the safety of athletes because our mission to “Be More” is ingrained in every facet of our business.  We believe the best moments in sports happen on the best quality synthetic turf.  It is our promise to never stop innovating and seeking excellence.

Learn how our synthetic turf is beneficial to athletes.

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