There are so many reasons why people around the Teesside area are opting for artificial turf and one of these is how much it could save you in the long run? Many customers feel artificial grass installation is too expensive when compared to natural grass. We want you to think of it in the long run.

And that is why our feature garden in Guisborough decided to go ahead this month. The team were here for just three days and produced a spectacular result.


125 metres squared of Finesse artificial grass were installed in the back garden in replacement of their previous patchy natural grass which had come to the end of its life.

Can I Save Money on Water?

One of the first benefits is that your new artificial grass installations saves money on water. During the summer, as we walk our dogs on those summers days we may find sprinklers in gardens. People could be using their hose pipes and watering cans filled to the brim with plant food to try and germinate the seed and get the grass to grow more. Well here is a tip, artificial grass doesn’t grow, therefore your water bills may come down by a considerable amount (and save you a lot of time and effort in the process!)


What About Saving on Electricity?

Now there’s the cost of mowing the lawn. Most homeowners choose electric lawnmowers these days which can push up those electricity bills. Petrol lawnmowers on the other hand can be damaging to the environment. But what if you didn’t need to mow the grass?


When will I need a Replacement?

Think of how much you spend on pruning your natural grass per year, now times that by 20.

20 years is how long we expect your artificial grass installation to last if it is looked after properly, so the choice is yours… do you think it is cost effective in the long run?

Lion Lawns has been hectic over the past couple of weeks. Everyone has thought to get their artificial grass installation at the same time and availability is very limited. If you are thinking about artificial turf this year, we recommend this is enquired sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment.

For a free no obligation quote and to give you a helping hand on how to get started, contact us today using the details below:

01642 713 555

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How Much Artificial Grass Could Save You? And our Feature Artificial Grass Installation in Guisborough

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