How Much does Artificial Turf Cost

Artificial grass is going more and more popular. We get several inquiries every day. The most frequently asked question is the cost of artificial grass. To find the exact cost, you’d better call us directly or leave message from the contact page. Most visitors who come across this page are out of China and plan to buy artificial grass from factory directly. Here this article is to give you an brief overview of the component of costs.

Covered in this article:

Artificial grass products cost

Artificial Grass Cost

Artificial grass cost and prices vary from application to application. The product’s specifications are different for different usages. Major differences are blade materials, pile height, blade density and face weight.

Generally speaking, thematerials for sport grass are different from these for landscape grass. Sport grass products focus on motion performance, player protection and wear-resistance. While landscape grass pay more attention to appearance(Look as good as real grass, or even better) and safety.

Face weight is another important factor affecting artificial grass cost a lot. It is easy to understand: heavier face weight cost more materials, and result in higher price.

Order quantity also makes the cost quite different. you will understand this point if you know how artificial grass is made. Our artificial grass factory needs nearly a half day or even more to change the blade rolls before tufting a different mode. That’s why all artificial grass factories have a MOQ if stock is not available. There is one exception: we can accept your order under MOQ is we just have a same order to produce and we can produce yours together.

Artificial grass prices referred as below base on quantity 2000 sqm or more. Please note all prices are only for reference and the purpose is offering you an idea of probable cost. Cost of raw materials, labor, and marketing strategy will affect our product pricing. Prices will raise or come down as time changes.

1. Garden and landscape artificial grass cost
Pile height from 20mm-40mm. Price starts from 4.8USD/sqm.
If you just use the grass for decoration and care a lot about the price. In a word, you need cheap artificial grass. We recommend you to take 10mm-20mm carpet looking artificial grass. Price start from 1.90USD/sqm.

2. Playground artificial grass cost
Pile height from 30mm-50mm, Price start from 6.70USD/sqm.
Playground artificial grass is similar to garden and and landscape artificial grass. They looked and felt as good as real grass. The biggest differences are playground artificial grass has longer blades and higher face weight. These make sure the surface provides better resilience to protect the kids.

3. Football artificial grass cost
Pile height from 40mm-60mm, Price start from 4.50USD/sqm.
The blade materials for football and tennis artificial grass are specially designed for sport.

4. Tennis artificial grass cost
Pile height from 10mm-20mm, Price start from 6.10USD/sqm.
Our tennis artificial grass is tufted by high quality fibrillated yarn. It is proven durable. High blade density makes sure the final surface will providing proper ball bounce rate.

Installation accessories cost


Cost above don’t include accessories needed for installation. The accessories include seaming cloth, artificial grass glue, sand infill, rubber granule infill, shock pad underlay, u-pin and so on.

1. Cost of seaming cloth.
Seaming cloth is also called seaming tape or joint tape. The width is 20cm-30cm, length depends on the needs of your project. How much does it cost? Completely FREE. We will send seaming cloth to you together without extra cost if you order artificial grass from us.

2. Cost of artificial grass glue.
The glue works together with seaming tape to joint two pieces of lawns together. Most artificial grass project are outdoor ones, so the glue is special made with ultra stickness, waterproof and Anti-uv. Price around 2.50USD/kg.

It is difficult to tell exactly how much you need the glue, just like the seaming cloth. The quantity both depends on how many joints there will be. We recommend you to tell us the size of your project and we will calculating everything for you.

3. Cost of sand Infill.
Garden, landscape and playground artificial grass has long blades ranging in height from 20mm to 50mm. Such blades of artificial grass need support in order to stand up straightly. Even for artificial grass with a thatch. The sand infill weighs down the artificial grass, provides stability and protects the turf. It makes the grass more fire resistant at the same time. For sports fields like football and tennis pitches, sand infill is a must. As sand is heavy and cheap, we recommend customers to buy from the local market.

PS: We have developed non-infill football grass. It is completely no need any sand and rubber granule infill. This non-infill football grass is ideal for 5-a-side football, 3-a-side football and indoor football pitch. Click to check the details of non-infill football grass.

4. Cost of rubber granule infill.
For football field you need sand infill and rubber granule infll. The infill system is one of the most important aspects of all synthetic turf fields. It is the basis for the safety of the turf system by providing the appropriate cushioning to absorb impact as well as being the foundation to a field’s performance level by offering traction for players to cut, plant and release just like they would on natural grass. There are difficult kinds and quality of rubber granule infills. Price start from 0.45USD/kg.

How much sand and rubber granule needed for your football project? It depends on the grass you choose. Take MT 50 as an example, it needs 6kg-8kg rubber granules and 25kg-30kg sand.

5. Cost of shock pads.
We offer shock pads to cover critical fall height regulations. For commercial installations you may need a shock pad. We have two kinds of shock pads. Please feel free to contact us for exact and official quotation.

6. Cost of U-pin.
You may need it to fix artificial grass down to the ground. Price 0.15USD/piece.

Cost of import artificial grass

Cost to Import Artificial Grass

If you are out of China, will import materials from us cost less than buy from the local supplier? The answer is YES if the quantity more than 500sqm or at least 200sqm. Quantity is not a problem If you have other goods shipped together from China.
As we all know, China is the largest production base for many products. China is also the larges production base for artificial grass. To buy from factory directly will save you a lot of cost. Certainly the importing process will add extra fees but it is just a small part of the total cost:

1. Loading port cost
It includes freight from our factory to the loading port, customs clearance cost and some port charges.

2. Shipping cost
Shipping cost is another part of the cost to import artificial grass. Normally our artificial grass is 4 meter or 2 meter width, length as request, packed in rolls like carpet. The volume and weight of the rolls vary from different different models of the grass. If no emergency we always send artificial grass to customers by sea.

Tell us the quantity you need and your nearest sea port. We will check the exact shipping cost. Sometimes Door to Door service is available.

3. Import duty/Tariff
You need to pay import tax when import goods from other countries. The tariff rate is different in different countries. In most case you can find the rate on your customs’s website. But we suggest you to ask a local shipping agent to check the tax rate for you. They can also check the shipping cost. Subsequently you can compare the shipping cost with our offer.

4. Destination Port charges:
If we arrange the shipping, we can check the probable destination port cost for you. If you arrange the shipping by yourself, your shipping agent will offer the details to you. For some sea ports the destination port charges is quite high for LCL(Less than Container Load) shipping. So sometime we recommend customers to take a full container even there is some space left.

4. Inland freight
Freight from the destination port to your place. You can easily find this by calling a local transport company. The forwarder at the destinationport can also arrange the transport for you.

Artificial grass installation cost

Artificial Grass Installation Cost

The cost of artificial grass installation will depend on several different factors. We recommend you to ask an installer to come for a full inspection and calculation. For small areas like garden and playground, you can do the installation by yourself with our easy installation guide. Below is our artificial grass installation guide:

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