How NewGrass Increases Property Value

With the new water restrictions and real estate in an upswing, more and more home owners are looking to install artificial grass as an optimal way to increase property value, while saving water! By installing artificial grass, you are investing in three factors that can raise the value of your property:

Instant Curb Appeal

According to experts, curb appeal is 85% of what a potential buyers are going to see when they first view a property. With the installation of a NewGrass artificial grass lawn, you increase the chances of your home selling faster and selling for more.

Many know that the attraction of landscape is not only a selling point, but bragging rights too. For potential buyers, after viewing countless properties, the landscaping of a home could be the ultimate deciding factor when starting to look at the pros and cons between possible homes. If a landscape seems not taken care of it will look like an additional cost and upkeep to a potential buyer. With artificial grass landscaping, the plush lawn will look beautiful with little to no water usage or maintenance. Plus it will be there year-round no matter the weather conditions.

One Time Investment

Landscaping is something a potential buyer sees first. Landscaping is an essential selling point for any property. According to Virginia Tech Horticulturist Alex Niemera, landscaping can add 12.7% to the value of your home. With an artificial grass lawn, you get the plush lawn without the hassle of maintaining the yard. The lawn no longer needs to be mowed and overgrown weeds and plants are no longer an issue because on turf they are non-existent. As a home owner, with the an investment in artificial grass you are ensuring that when the time comes to sell, your property will have a greater chance of selling itself. The appeal of artificial grass with its no water requirements, the elimination of chores such as mowing, sodding, weeding, fertilizing is a plus for any would be buyer. For a family with a busy schedule that doesn’t have the time or interest in maintaining a lawn, artificial grass may be the deciding factor in purchasing a new home.

Low Maintenance

Synthetic grass lawns require very little care compared to a natural lawn. Say bye-bye to:

• Mowing
• Trimming
• Watering
• Fertilizing
• Reseeding

With no need to mow or trim, there is less upkeep associated with the constant use of lawn mowers and trimmers. The amount of money typically spent each year on tools, gas, and oil will be reduced dramatically.
While artificial lawns do require some maintenance, it is minimal when compared to what is needed for a natural grass lawn. Picking up sticks and other types of debris that fall from trees or are carried onto your lawn by the wind is generally the most strenuous part of maintaining this type of lawn.

If you love your outdoor activities, lounging by the pool, and backyard BBQs then the landscape of your home is just as important as the house itself. When you install artificial turf, you can turn your outdoors into your own oasis. In addition to your normal turf lawn, you can design your own putting green, custom design your yard to be anything and everything you have ever dreamed of. With artificial grass, your parties will be more interesting, cleanup will be easier, and your backyard oasis will become a conversation point. And guess who would love sinking that putt as much as you do? The potential buyers that will be interested in your home!

Environmental Advantages

Many are faced with harsh weather climates and the lack of water resources. With hot temps and natural sod lawns needing water and fertilizing and maintenance, many are deciding to install artificial grass lawns. This comes as no surprise as by installing, homeowners are not only eliminating yard maintenance, they are responding to an environmental issue. Most importantly you are removing the number one user of any homes water resources. The lawn!


With warmer temperatures and plenty of sunshine, natural lawns need constant watering and upkeep. However, with artificial grass, the landscape is durable to any weather conditions no matter what time of year. It’s also durable in the fact that it is specifically designed to withstand heavy foot traffic, so kids, dogs, people at parties and your artificial lawn holds up for years with little to no maintenance! With the durability, your property values increases because at any point during the year, whether rain or shine, your lawn is in fabulous condition in the case a potential buyer stops by!

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