How the Glare from a Window Burns the Grass & Some Ways to Stop It

Have you heard that the glare from a window burns the grass? It’s a widespread problem with homeowners who have lawns at home. They see brown, withering spots on the surface of their lawn, making it unappealing. The question is – how is this happening?

Window Reflection – The Cause of Turf Damage

We often assume that sun exposure can burn the grass blades. However, this can only be true if you don’t water the plants regularly. But what if you have irrigation, you mow it, and add fertilizers to it, but you still see patchiness on your turf. There’s only one reason for this – the window reflection coming from Low-E windows.

Low-E or energy-efficient windows are unique windows that help homeowners save energy. These tools reflect heat away from your home to keep the room temperature colder in summer. However, it is also the main cause of turf damage.

Because the warm temperature cannot enter the room, the glazing used by these windows focuses the heat on to your lawn. As a result, the glare from a window burns the grass.

How to Stop Window Reflection

Some people say that if the glare from a window burns the grass, you just have to let it be. That’s because these plants can revive themselves once summer is over. However, you don’t need to follow it, especially if you want to have lush, green grass all year long.

There are many ways to stop the sun reflecting off windows from killing the grass. Here are some of them.

    1. Change the Landscape of Your Garden


One way to prevent the window glare from burning the grass is by changing the landscape of your yard. This method will not only hide the imperfections of your turf, it will also stop the glass reflection from burning the grass.

To do this, you need to hire a professional landscaper, to tell you what you need to do for your problem. However, you need to have the budget for this project as it requires some paid labor.

    1. Use Window Film for Turf


This is one of the most recommended tools by many experts. This one has anti-reflective properties that spread out the heat evenly, reducing glare. The best part is that it helps you to save energy because it allows natural light to pass through the window film.

To get these perks, you need to choose the best Turf Guard Window Film. Check out our website and learn more about how the glare from a window burns the grass, and how to stop it with our products.

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