How the Window Film for Turf Can Help Improve Your Synthetic Lawn

Many people have switched to double-paned or Low-E windows because of how they reduce energy consumption. Once the sun hits a Low-E window, the glass coating that it uses reflects heat away. This way, your room will stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

However, this purpose can damage your synthetic lawn. As mentioned earlier, Low-E windows reflect the sunlight away from your home, but that’s not the only thing it can do. The Low-E glass window magnifies the sunbeam and directs it to your fake turf. As a result, it triggers the melting point of artificial grass, causing it to melt.

Fortunately, you can stop the sun reflection from melting your grass and improve its condition. You just need to use a window film for turf.

How the Window Film for Artificial Grass Protects Your Lawn

Using a window film for turf for your window is the best solution to keep your synthetic grass in good condition. This product can do the following tricks.

    1. It has UV blockers.


Glare or reflection refers to an act of bouncing off the light or sound without absorbing it. Thus, too much reflection can affect not only your eyesight and furniture, but also your fake turf.

However, if you use a window film for turf, you can stop the window glare from melting your grass. It has UV blockers that protect your fake grass from this kind of damage. Therefore, you won’t see uneven areas if you apply this solution to your double-paned windows.

    1. It reduces heat.


As mentioned earlier, magnified rays of sunlight can trigger the grass melting point, which leads to disintegration. With this solution, you can prevent the sun reflecting off windows from reaching the melting point.

Before the reflected sunbeam reaches your lawn, it diffuses heat by breaking its path. This way, all areas of the turf will get the same amount of temperature. Consequently, you will have a lush green field no matter how hot the weather is.

What Is the Best Window Screen for Lawn?

There are many window films out in the market today and most of them say that they can protect your synthetic turf from melting. This can be true, but some only say it for advertising purposes.

If you want to get the best window screen, then you should choose Turf Guard Window Film. Visit our website and find out how this window film for turf can protect your lawn.

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